Today 03:17 PM

Let's Share Some of Our Special Motown Collectables

Hi Friends,

I posted yesterday a photo of an autographed Mary Wells LP that I found in my collection.

Since we're all on a kind of hiatus, I thought it might be fun if we used a thread to share some of our favorite Motown collectables. Before the holidays, my buddy Gary (philles/motown_Gary) posted his Spector LP collection which was fun to view.

Perhaps you have something in your collection you'd like to share with SDF. This is a good time if you do.


Today 05:06 AM

House Of Beauty / HOB Records

In some quarters HOB is listed as a gospel subsidiary of Motown.

Seem to have a couple of recognisable names on their records early on - Herman Griffin & The Rayber Voices, Voices of Tabernacle, The Contours (though I think that may be a different group).

Berry Gordy wrote (and arranged?) "I Need You" and "I'm So Glad" for Herman Griffin. The music for "I'm So Glad" seems to be copyright to Rayber Music Writing Co. "I Need You" is the first song published by Jobete.

I've not read much about this label so I'm guessing the Motown connection may be overplayed, or is it?
Today 02:54 PM

Brother (or sister) From Another Mother

Okay kids. This one relates to artists who are similar in musical style and vocals


Patrice Rushen/Alicia Keys - synthesizer/ piano

Al Jarreau/Kem - vocals

Luther/Freddie Jackson - vocals

Your turn!
Today 02:40 PM

The Ohio Players "Live 1977" (Goldenlane) 6/12/2020

A vintage concert performance by one of the greatest funk/R&B bands that ever was, the platinum-selling Ohio Players! Features the classic line-up performing their asses off on highlights from their phenomenal catalog, including the Gold certified singles "Love Rollercoaster," "Skin Tight" and a 31 minute version of "Fire" PLUS other classic tracks! Available on digipak CD!

1. Introduction
2. Love Rollercoaster
3. Who'd She Coo?
4. Alone
5. Skin Tight / Fopp
6. Drum Solo
7. I Want To Be Free
8. Sweet Sticky Thing
9. Fire, Pt. 1
10. Fire, Pt. 2


Today 12:38 PM

Why was 1965 so quiet for the Vandellas and Marvelettes?

This has probably been discussed on here before but if so I don't remember it. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't these two groups receive a lot less attention in 1965 than they did either before or after?

Dancing in the Street and Nowhere to Run were big in 1964, right? But nothing else until My Baby Loves Me, which was early 1966 I believe. Then of course there was a resurgence of sorts with I'm Ready for Love, Jimmy Mack, Honey Chile, etc.

Same for the Marvelettes, wasn't it? If they had any significant 1965 release I don't know what it was. (Yes I realize that Don't Mess With Bill sort of straddled 1965 and 1966 but I consider it a 1966 song.) They were of course hot from 1962-64 and like Martha and her girls, they had some moderate success in 1967 and 1968.

Neither group had a studio album released in 1965 although as far as I know, the Supremes, Temps and Tops were all on fire that year. So am I imagining things or did these fine ladies get put on the back burner for an entire year? If so, why?


Ralph Terrana

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