Today 04:06 PM

Motown CDs with the original Motown design

Hi guys, I'm putting together a CD display, and I was looking for some of the nicest looking CDs to put in it (the actual CDs, not the covers). However, I couldn't find any CDs with the classic Motown design (1963) on them, that is, the one with the blue bottom half and the Detroit map at the top with the multicoloured Motown logo over it. Are there any?

I have some with the Tamla Motown design on them, but none with Tamla, Gordy, Soul, etc. Some BBR and SoulMusic CDs (like the recent Thelma Houston one) have done great jobs recreating the original design of the album, albeit with the BBR/SoulMusic logo on them instead, like so:

Attachment 14809

but still no CDs with the original Motown design, my most favouritest of all label designs... :rolleyes:
Today 02:49 PM

Raynoma Gordy Singleton not mentioned on Motown Wikipedia

I'm currently reading her book (Berry, Me and Motown) for the 2nd time and have no reason to disbelieve her account, though I understand that autobiographies can be very biased.

What troubles me though, is that on the Motown Wikipedia page there is absolutely no mention of her despite her being clearly a big part of starting Motown. Surely she deserves recognition and her place in history. Should we go about correcting this?

Today 01:08 PM

Eddie Hinton


Anybody know him?
A great soingwriter: http://www.soulexpress.net/eddiehinton_coverme.htm

Best regards
Today 01:14 AM

Tommy Frontera's Singing Group

Attachment 14801
Does anyone here know what Detroit male singing group back up Tommy Frontera on his Rem and Hi-Lite songs? I have a photo of him singing with a group, that was posted on You-Tube together with his song "After Tonight", which was a minor hit on REM Records (a subsidiary of Hi-Lite Records).
Here it is:
Attachment 14800
Do any of you recognise any of them? Tommy is front right. I assume that two of them might possibly be named Pat Meehan and Dominic Chiaravelli (two writers listed for his REM songs). Or, those writers could have been members of The Seminoles, as they also appear on Seminoles and Tommy Frontera records on Hi-Lite Records. REM was a subsidiary of Hi-Lite Records.

But, I rather think that Pat Meehan, who produced The Four Gents on Oncore Records, may have been one of the producers (and possibly a co-owner) of Hi-Lite Records. So, he was probably not a member of the group in the photo.

IF Frontera (AKA Tom Shad?) didn't appear with his OWN group, maybe they were The Seminoles? The Calveys? The Imperials?
Today 02:14 PM

Is Michael Jackson a "great" singer?

Michael Jackson was inarguably a great artist

He was inarguably a great entertainer

He was inarguably a great talent

But was he a great singer?

I don't really hear him described that way

To be fair, I've never heard anyone say that MJ has a "bad" voice or even just an "average" voice propped up my material or production

But his name doesn't really come up in discussions about great voices the way that Otis Redding, David Ruffin, Aretha and Marvin are

To my ears he is

I've always loved his voice from J5 to an adult

PS: I just had to edit the post as I realized I kept using "is" instead of "was"

Nearly a decade on, I still can't believe that he's gone


Ralph Terrana

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