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Donna Summer "Encore: The Complete Album Collection" 33CD box set 3/27/2020

For the first time in history, Donna Summer's iconic studio albums are presented in one box set. This exquisitely packaged 33CD box set (within 24 individual 'albums'), features 329 tracks and collates all of Donna Summer's 17 studio albums, from her debut 'Lady Of The Night' up to 2008's 'Crayons'. Also included are 1978's 'Live And More', 1980's 'On The Radio' and 1999's 'Live & More Encore!', along with four bonus double-CDs of '7" Single Versions', '12" Single Versions', 'Remixes' and 'Non-Studio Album Singles & Extended Mixes', that include one-off recordings, which have been considered rarities over the years. The box set includes the debut official commercial release of 'My Life' [Junior Vasquez Private Collection Mix]. the individual re-mastered albums are packaged in mini replica sleeves, with inner wallets. A 40-page 12"x12" hardback book includes the album label copy information, as well as a newly commissioned 25,000+ word essay by noted US writer, Christian John Wikane, which starts with a foreword by long-term friend, collaborator and producer Giorgio Mororder. The essay features new interviews with many of Donna's collaborators, including Giorgio Moroder's production partner Pete Bellotte. Also included are special new personal tributes from twenty-five industry legends, including Nile Rodgers, Philip Bailey, George Benson, Liza Minnelli and Bootsy Collins. Donna Summer gained prominence during the 1970s disco era, propelled by her incessant and creative driving force behind the genre's global popularity, rightly earning the title "Queen Of Disco" and becoming one of the most successful recording artists of the entire decade. Her catalogue has sold more than 130 million units worldwide and this special edition proves that she was able to accommodate new musical and production styles. Donna was the first artist to have three consecutive double-albums, reach No. 1 on the US Billboard charts and also became the first artist to achieve four No. 1 singles in a thirteen month period. Donna worked with legendary producers Giorgio Mororder, Pete Bellotte, Harold Faltermeyer, John Barry, Quincy Jones, Richard Perry, Stock Aitken Waterman, Michael Omartian and Keith Diamond. Her records have also been remixed by many of the great club producers, including Tony Moran, Junior Vasquez, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Masters At work and Jason Nevins amongst others. The most comprehensive collection ever!

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2020 - Any news of a Motown release?

As we enter 2020, have we finally emptied the well of 60s recordings?
Any news of 'special' projects on the 60s era?
I guess we will get a 1970 unreleased set, but are there no projects from Ace/ Kent etc?
Yesterday 02:06 PM

The Temptations Revue Featuring Nate Evans

IMHO, Nate Evans' Temptations Revue sounds closer to the original Temptations, than Big O's Temptations.

I know I'm treading on sacred ground...

Truth be told, Dennis Edwards, Glenn Leonard, and Richard Street's Temptations Revues and some of The Temptations' tribute groups featuring Larry Johnson and others, could and would give Big O's Tempts a run for their money!

Yesterday 05:58 PM

What's In A Name?$$$$

Watching the in-depth interview with the Exciters on the main forum, it occurred to me that almost every well-known group from the 50s, 60s, and 70s changed their original name at or around the time of signing with a record company. Most of the Motown groups originally had different names as well. Now, I wonder if that was a general "practice" in the recording industry for nefarious reasons......or maybe not? hehehehehehe....

For example:

The Temptations were The Elgins
The Supremes were The Primettes
The Miracles were the Mascots
The Four Tops were the Four Aims
Martha and The Vandellas were The Del-Phis
The Marvelettes were The Casinyets
and on and on and on.........
Yesterday 05:18 AM

For Detroit '60s People - Did Bob Schwartz own Enterprise Records and Ruby Records?

Attachment 16808
Sorry to post this question after so many old- time Detroiters from this forum have passed on. I'm sure that Ron Murphy, Joe Hunter, Spyder Turner, and so many others, who are no longer with us, or just don't post here anymore, could have answered all my questions. But, Maybe Ralph, or Dennis, or someone else who was an adult or very late teenager in the '60s can answer for me.

Was Bob Schwartz, manager/producer of The Wonderettes and Sammy Solo, co-owner of Ruby Records and Enterprise Records? If so, who was the other owner (financier?). Did they also own Dynamics, Cindy, and Heart Records? Were they partners in Different Music Publishing? (or did Bob own that alone?

Does anyone also remember the group, The Casual-Aires (who sang "The Millionaire"? If so, do you remember who was in that group? Was Johnny Thornton, husband of Rose Johnson-Thornton (AKA Rose St. John - lead of The Wonderettes) the lead singer of that group? - or, at least a member?

That group of labels produced a lot of great cuts, like "Delsinia" by The Dynamics, "End of Time" by The Fabulous Egyptians, "The Millionaire" by The Casual-Aires, "Why Did you Go" by The Flints, "Nothin' But Wonderful" by (Harry) Lee Gates (ex-lead singer for The Caravelles on "Angry Angel"/"Pink Lips" and The Dramatics' "Toy Soldier", Shirley Lawson (of The Fascinations)'s "So Much To Me", The Wonderettes' "I Feel Strange", Sam E. Solo's "Love Is Not A Game", and Joe Terry's "She's Cheating On Me".

Does anyone out there remember Johnny Thornton?


Ralph Terrana

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