Today 01:08 AM

Classic Soul JAMS!

Today is my birthday and with each one I am blessed with I like to look back some. In this case I am looking back at some of the BEST Classic Soul Jams in my opinion. Are you with me? Here's a few that make the cut:

Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood - 1966

Today 02:01 AM

Madeline Bell Charted Top 40 With It First : I'M GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE ME

When Dusty Springfield passed on it, her back up singer took it on:

Fifty years ago: March 1968
Peak Billboard Hot 100 position: #26

Wonder why Dusty turned it down , her sound definitely comes through on it (& she's providing back-up ).
Today 07:21 AM

Cindy Birdsong - Till the Boat Sails Away (1976)

Here Cindy Birdsong takes a shot at "Till the Boat Sails Away" originally recorded by the Supremes with Mary Wilson singing lead. Scherrie Payne is doing the background on this recording:

Yesterday 08:44 PM

"He's My Man"

Did Mary and Scherrie record complete leads for "He's My Man"? If so are they still in the vaults and has anyone heard them?
03-16-2018 04:26 PM

Vandella's slump - what should have been released

we've discussed all sorts of top singles, alternate singles, etc with that group lead by Berry's former secretary with airs about her and a couple of her high school friends lolol

but what about Martha and the Vandellas?

I know that there were personal conflicts with Martha and Motown, within the Vandellas and of course her mental issues. So obviously those had an impact on things.

In regards to singles and released though, what might YOU have done differently?

1. I think Motown lost too many of her singles by doing too many double-sided releases. Love Makes me Do Foolish was buried on a b side. then they put both I Promise To Wait My Love and Forget Me Not out on a single. I think all 3 should have been their own A side

2. I like the "country soul" sounds she was doing in 67 and 68. but by Honey Love in 1969, I think it was getting old.

3. I Can't Dance is a hot song and had they not gotten things so jacked up with Syretta on it, it could have been big

4. for late 68, they should have used A Little Bit Of Heaven - what an AMAZING song. even though it seems a bit short and maybe not 100% complete, it's beautiful and would have been a great way to advance Martha into a new, mature sound. can't believe this was left in vaults


Ralph Terrana

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