Today 10:34 PM

National Museum of African History and Culture - Washington DC

I will be going to Washington, DC on February 1 to spend the day at the museum.

Have any other members been to the museum? What I am curious about is there any exhibit or display of Motown items in the museum? It appears that the museum is huge and I don't want to miss it.

Today 10:05 PM

What happened to the ashford & simpson thread ?

There was an interesting thread here about A&S leaving the label because Motown did not want them to record an album.

I can't find the thread. Was it moved or deleted? Or do I just need a stronger eyeglass prescription?
Today 09:51 PM

Pic of Diana Ross and Cal Street 1971/72

Attachment 16809

Came across this great picture of Cal Gill-Street and Diana Ross from 1971-2 posted on Instagram and wanted to share it with the board. All credit goes to The_Supremes_fanpage
Today 05:15 PM

Hologram tours.........

Pass me a paper bag quick.

Would you go and see a show with a hologram on stage?

I'm confused. Who is the intended audience for this type of thing?
(Is there something I'm missing or didn't get yet???)
And a dreaded question: ............Is this ''the future''...somehow....?

Today 07:25 AM

2020 - Any news of a Motown release?

As we enter 2020, have we finally emptied the well of 60s recordings?
Any news of 'special' projects on the 60s era?
I guess we will get a 1970 unreleased set, but are there no projects from Ace/ Kent etc?


Ralph Terrana

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