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Were some of Motown's recordings too advanced for radio at the time?

Listening to the recently released Carolyn Crawford song, "Lover Boy", once again, I feel this jaw-dropping marvel at the sheer volume of high-quality songs that not only were unreleased, but never even reused on other artists. You really have to appreciate it when you read from the writers how Motown encouraged creativity and taking chances.

Something like "Lover Boy", to me, is so beautiful. I do understand there was literally so much recording going on, no way all of them could come out, but was this, like some other Motown recordings, too advance for the time?

Today 05:48 PM

Frances Baugh of SMV Fan Club

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Frances Baugh who used to run the SMV Fan Club out of Brooklyn, NY? How can I get in touch with her?

In case you are unfamiliar SMV stands for Supremes, Marvelettes, and Vandellas Fan Club.

Are any other forum members past members of the SMV? I am interested in obtaining some of the newsletters that were published, especially on the Marvelettes.
Today 01:40 PM

CNN Special Report What's Going On: Marvin Gaye's Anthem For The Ages

CNN's Don Lemon explores the impact and genius of Marvin Gaye, his unprecedented album, and the anatomy of several of the record's iconic hits that reflect some of the most significant challenges and divisions in the nation today.

The show airs Sunday, May 9th, at 8 p.m. on CNN
Today 09:24 AM

The Temptations' Successors as Male Group Standard Bearers Are ...

... I have to say the dreaded Backstreet Boys. Because ... their name is frequently referred to. More recently the KPop group, I think BTS.
Today 12:58 PM

British Invasion Acts Doing Their Versions Of Motown Songs:

Which of them did and with what songs??

I'll start with this one: The Zombies 1965:



Ralph Terrana

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