Today 05:49 PM

Chrisette Michelle trying for a comeback


I don't know what to think about Chrisette Michelle. She was warned by EVERYONE of the career-ending blowback she would get but she decided to perform at the inauguration in purposeful defiance. When you take a principled stand you must live it -- you don't come years later moaning and crying over the completely foreseeable, natural consequences of your knowing, intentional actions.

Also, I was never a fan so I don't have much invested in whether she can make a comeback. I am mostly familiar with her as one of Chante Moore's tormentors on "R&B Divas LA" (more poor judgment on her part).
Today 05:26 PM

David Ruffin Unsung

Great show on in NYC area now, including David interview Id never seen.
Today 04:48 PM

Surviving R. Kelly! Who’s watching?

Anyone else watching this documentary on Lifetime! It’s been quite a show so far. I’d been giving Kels a pass for years, but the sex cult allegations was the straw that broke the camel’s back! Except for the stuff he did for other artists and “I Believe I Can Fly”, I cannot listen to him without cringing anymore!
Today 04:28 PM
Yesterday 03:11 AM

Martha and Scherrie question

Motown released solo singles on them in UK right? Suppose they had been hits? Did Motown have any solo plans for them in US? Could Martha have stayed at Motown as a solo or were her bags packed for MCA already? Did Motown want to keep her?


Ralph Terrana

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