Today 11:54 AM

Gladys Knight to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

I am sadden that she is singing the Nation Anthem at the Super Bowl, especially considering the way the NFL has treated Colin Kaepernick and other players taking the knee for justice in America. I would be okay if she sung some other song, such as America, the Beautiful or God, Bless America. I won't be going to another Gladys concert.
Today 11:25 AM

"Come To Me": Marv or Mary, which version do you prefer?

As we mark the 60th Anniversary of Motown, let's talk about the label's first release, "Come To Me". Which version of the song do you prefer: Marv Johnson's original or Mary Wells' remake (my pick is Mary's version).
Today 11:37 AM

Reason for the Different Labels from Motown

Yes, this has probably been discussed here before, however, I would really appreciate any answer you may know as fact (or even hypothesis). Why did Motown operate with different labels (such as Gordy, Tamla, Soul, etc) as opposed to everything being under the umbrella of just a Motown label? I believe I may have read from a book about Motown that it was for tax reasons. Was there indeed a financial incentive to have different labels from one company?

Also, what factors determined who would be assigned to what label? My thinking is that although there was a definite Motown sound, each individual label had its own 'vibe' to it regarding its artists and the 'sound." Just my opinion, however, I felt the artists' output on the actual Motown label was the sound that could identify more with the pop sound in American music during the 60s. Tamla, Gordy, and Soul each had more of an r&b sound to various degrees. All of this is my opinion and perception. We do know that there were several other subsidiary labels, each with their own vibe.

I also recall that because the Motown company was putting out so much good music during the 60s, dee jays around the country might have been put off by seeing or playing so much music from one label, therefore Motown needed to provide its artists with different labels as not to saturate the market.

It appeared also that each of the subsidiary labels had their own key producers/writers. Yes, I know all of the writers/producers worked for all of the labels, however, some tend to be identified more with one particular label than another. (HDH-Motown, Whitfield-Gordy, Robinson-Tamla, etc.)

Does anyone have any information you may have learned through the years?
Today 11:26 AM

In Loving Memory Expanded Edition

I saw on Facebook that "In Loving Memory" Expanded Edition is coming out as a Digital release with 34 tracks.

Does anyone know the release date of this ? Or what the track list will be ? Supposedly there will be 9 unreleased songs on this release. Doesn't sound like it will have the mono version of the original release.

I was also wondering why "In Loving Memory" didn't come out until 1968, when it was in their catalog in 1966 and shown on the inner sleeves starting in 1966?
Yesterday 11:33 PM

Patti Austin - "Jeepers Creepers"

This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face:


Ralph Terrana

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