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The Temptations Announce ‘TEMPTATIONS 60’ Album [1/28/2022-UMe]

From UDiscoverMusic.com:
The Temptations have today [3] announced details of their much-anticipated new album. In honor of their 60th anniversary year and its ongoing celebrations, it will be titled TEMPTATIONS 60 and released by UMe on January 28, 2022.
The album consists of nearly all-original songs that are both modern and classic in feel and sound, and features the track “Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No,” written and produced by and featuring Motown superstar and longtime Tempts collaborator Smokey Robinson. The song was released as a lead single in September.

As well as showcasing tracks produced by members of the “Emperors of Soul,” the album brings their modern-day line-up together with another key producer/collaborator in their unmatched history, Narada Michael Walden. The Grammy-winning Walden, who produced their last platinum-selling album, 1998’s Phoenix Rising, oversees the biographical “When We Were Kings.” The celebratory track is available now and sums up the Temptations’ legacy to this point, namechecking many of the group’s members. “Breaking My Back,” meanwhile, is a new love song evoking the sound of their classic catalog.
Dr. Otis Williams, the group’s founding member and executive producer of the album, who celebrated his 80th birthday on October 30, says: “Our new album carries with it, our legacy, our love of music and our hope that through our music we can uplift and bring people together. Most of all, we want fans to enjoy it and share it with family and friends around the world. It’s a thank you gift from our hearts to all of our fans, past, present and future.”

True to the group’s tradition, the new album combines love songs with topical tracks. Along with Dennis Nelson and Thomas “TC” Campbell, Williams co-produced five of its 12 tracks, including the harmony-infused ballad “Calling Out Your Name” and the uptempo “You Don’t Know Your Woman” and “How Do You Spell Love.”
Another highlight, co-produced by Williams, is an updated version of “Come On,” the first recording by Otis Williams & the Distants, precursors to the Temptations, in 1959. It features a special monologue about the group’s history.
Longtime Temptation leading vocalist and songwriter Ron Tyson, who joined the group in 1983, co-produced two tracks with Campbell. They are “Time For The People,” a powerful statement addressing modern issues that’s described as a “Ball of Confusion” for the 21st century, and the island-flavored love song, “I Want It Right Now.”
Also on board is Dave Darling, who produced the group’s last album, 2018’s acclaimed All The Time, and who supervises a cover of “My Whole World Stopped Without You,” the song by Hollywood, California-based, modern-day R&B band Vintage Trouble.
The album opens with the uniquely contemporary “Let it Reign,” featuring Queens New York-based hip-hop artist K. Sparks. It represents the latest bold update by a group who have never shied away from reinvention and experimentation, echoing the sonic update of “Cloud Nine” in the late 1960s and incorporating hip-hop, smooth jazz, and their deeply soulful elements.

Pre-order TEMPTATIONS 60, which is released on January 28, 2022.

Listen to "When We Were Kings" from TEMPTATIONS 60;

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"Boy From Crosstown" Angels Song

I am aware that we have some huge fans on here of the Marvelettes' cult favorite The Boy From Crosstown. But today as I was making my rounds [[at an appropriate volume of course!) I played my Best of the Angels CD and was surprised to discover that they had their own Boy From Crosstown.

Now it is a different song altogether and their title, just as I typed it, begins with Boy instead of The, but I still found it an interesting coincidence. Maybe one of you more talented types can provide a link for listeners to hear their song and compare the two.
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Dusty Springfield "The Complete Atlantic Singles 1968-1971" (Real Gone)



In 1968, Dusty Springfield was already an international superstar with 15 hits under her belt for the Philips label when she decided it was time to for a change. What followed was one of the most legendary and momentous label moves in pop music history: Dusty decamped to Atlantic Records, where, under the tutelage of Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd, and Arif Mardin, she recorded one of the greatest albums of all time, Dusty in Memphis, and scored such indelible hits as 'Son-of-a Preacher Man' and 'The Windmills of Your Mind' before moving on to Philly soul [['A Brand New Me'). We at Real Gone Music have closely examined this crucial period in Dusty's career over the years, with three previous releases. But there remains one facet of her Atlantic period which has remained largely untouched: her singles. The Complete Atlantic Singles1968-1971 presents the A and B-sides of all dozen singles she recorded for the label in their original mono single mixes, only eight of which have previously appeared on CD. That's right'only eight [[the ones that were on Dusty in Memphis) of these 24 tracks have been on CD, and these singular sides highlight how the move to a more R&B sound at Atlantic [[also aided by producers Gamble & Huff and Jeff Barry with such players as The Memphis Boys and The Sweet Inspirations) brilliantly capitalized on the smoky tones of Dusty's mezzo-soprano to create some of the most potent blue-eyed soul ever recorded. Mastered by Mike Milchner from original tape sources, annotated by Joe Marchese, and featuring copious photos, The Complete Atlantic Singles 1968-1971 is an absolute must for any Dusty devotee or any soul fan to boot.

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12-02-2021 06:21 PM

Wife of Legendary Music Exec Clarence Avant Shot and Killed During Home Invasion

Horrible news. The fact that Clarence’s condition is “unclear” gives me a worse feeling, though:

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The Isley Brothers, "In the Beginning" [Streaming/Download] [T-Neck/Sony]

From SecondDisc.com:
Amidst The Isley Brothers' first brushes with success - 1959's rock/soul/gospel rave-up "Shout" on RCA Records, 1962's "Twist and Shout" and a 1966 Top 40 for Motown, "This Old Heart of Mine [Is Weak for You]" - O'Kelly, Rudolph and Ronnie Isley took the unusual step of putting their record business matters into their own hands with a self-started label, T-Neck Records. Signing distribution deals with the likes of Buddah and CBS in the late '60s and early '70s, they'd finally get their due as recording artists - but early T-Neck singles like "Testify" and "Move Over and Let Me Dance," initially distributed by Atlantic, never found a home on the charts. Soon after, the guitarist on several of these singles, then known as Jimmy James, departed the Isleys' employ to keep striking out on his own. By 1967, Jimi Hendrix would of course be a household name - and after his death in 1970, all the Atlantic-distributed singles were collected onto a Buddah-distributed album that's slid in and out of print over time [most recently included in a career-spanning box from Legacy Recordings, who'd by then also assumed distribution of Hendrix's catalogue]. It's now got a permanent home on digital channels, and even with its original cover art.

1. "Move Over And Let Me Dance" [Part 1]
2. "Have You Ever Been Disappointed" [Parts 1 & 2]
3. "Testify" [Parts 1 & 2]
4. "Move Over And Let Me Dance" [Part 2]
5. "Wild Little Tiger"
6. "The Last Girl"
7. "Simon Says"
8. "Looking For A Love"

The Isley Brothers, In the Beginning [T-Neck] [iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

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Happy 92nd Birthday to Berry Gordy, Jr.

Wishing a Happy 92nd [and Many, Many, More] to Berry Gordy, Jr! To paraphrase a Motown Classic, Our Worlds Would Be Empty Without You.


Ralph Terrana

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