Today 06:49 PM

Marvin & Tammi- "You Got What It Takes" A VERY random thought not requiring response-

-unless you want to.

So if you have the stereo mix of the Marvin & Tammi "United" album, have you ever noticed that "You've Got What It Takes" starts out in stereo and ends in mono?
Today 06:12 PM

Marvin & "tammi" (valerie)

The EASY album should've been released as MARVIN & VALERIE with notes saying the two songs Tammi was on. But to perpetrate such a fraud is pathetic.
Today 06:38 PM

Martha Reeves Celebrity Masterchef UK

Isnít Martha the most extraordinary person?

It has just been announced that Martha is to be a contestant in the very popular and widely watched UK series Celebrity Masterchef, which features Celebrities competing to be the winning chef. At 77 years of age Martha wins a very high profile and potentially highly lucrative opportunity to show off her cooking skills in the kitchen. Celebrity Masterchef is a very good platform for Martha as it avoids the crap content and maintains a degree of respect and dignity for all the contestants.
Today 06:22 PM

Deep Inside My Soul - Bonnie Pointer

It took a good long while, but someone has finally uploaded this great song to Youtube. It was released as a single by Motown in early 1980. So very nice.........

Today 02:39 PM

Question for Keith Hughes- The Lewis Sisters "My World Is Crumbling"

Years ago, a collector made me a tape of "rare Motown" and it included a version of The Lewis Sisters composition, "My World Is Crumbling". It was recorded in Detroit with The Funk Brothers, it was easily the best thing by The Lewis Sisters at Motown...and it was incomplete. Do you know if this song is in the vaults in its entirety? The music track alone is one of the most incredible performances I ever heard.


Ralph Terrana

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