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Four Motown Releases Made Billboard's All-Time Disco/Dance Top 100

... according to tabulations by Joel Whitburn (1974-2003).

What were they ? Any guesses? ( no cheating!:))
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'60s Chicago Sound Produced in Other Cities by Non-Chicagoans

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This is in response to the Motown copiers, and "Not Quite TSOP" threads. I don't know much about 1970s music, because I didn't listen to the radio much because I was mostly in The Middle East, Africa, and The Far East then, and I hadn't liked where Soul music was going after 1967 or so.

But "The Chicago Sound" of Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, Billy Butler as independents, and Carl Davis at Columbia and Brunswick(and also Constellation, Mercury and ATCO), and Billy Davis and his crew at Chess, and Bunky Sheppard and his crew at Constellation, Johnny Pate and Curtis Mayfield at ABC, Monk Higgins at Satellite/St. Lawrence and Chess, Calvin Carter and Barrett Strong at VJ, and The Leaner Brothers with One-der-ful/Mar-V-Lus, was contemporary with Motown's classic period through the 1960s.

So, I'd like posters to post songs produced by people in other cities, that mimicked The classic '60s "Chicago Sound", mid-tempo with horns and light strings that was exemplified by Curtis Mayfield, The Butler Brothers and Carl Davis and his crew.

I'll start it off with a classic Chicago sound, written, sung and produced in Atlanta, by Atlantan, Tee Fletcher, and all Atlanta people (These Combinations were a Southern group, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the Chicago Combinations on Kelmac Records):
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Jr. Walker & the All Stars Motown 70's output

3 Cd Box Set (1970's Motown Studio Albums) coming late May from Cherry Red Records (U.K.)
Today 09:52 PM

Cornelius brothers & sister rose

Gang - I LOVED the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, who of course had the mega-hits "Treat Her Like A Lady" and "Too Late To Turn Back Now" in the early 70's. They had a few other minor chart records as well, but this group was never very appreciated or celebrated.


I have their two United Artists albums on CD - "Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose" (UA, 1972) and "Big Time Lover" (UA, 1973), as well as a greatest hits collection - and they also had a couple of songs on an various artists compilation for Surfside Records in the late 70's, but that is about it...

They had a single, "Got To Testify (Love)" that came out out on UA in 1974 and made the top 15 on Billboard's Dance chart. It states on the 45 that it is from the forthcoming album of the same name, but I have never found that record. Was it released? Does anyone have a copy of those songs or of other Cornelius Brothers recordings?

I believe Eddie Cornelius has since passed? Is that correct?

Looking forward to some replies.


Ralph Terrana

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