Today 03:52 PM

Jr. Walker & the All Stars Motown 70's output

3 Cd Box Set (1970's Motown Studio Albums) coming late May from Cherry Red Records (U.K.)
Today 04:10 PM

Blue-Eyed Soul From Jack Savoretti

I didn't know anything about this guy until he appeared on a UK talk show; soon after, he released this song, which I really liked.

Complete with soulful strings, sexy guitar licks and even a bit of organ!
Today 03:11 PM

Motown Songwriters Spotlight: James Dean & William Weatherspoon Parade #1

Here's a great way to learn more about the different Motown songwriters:

03-17-2019 01:46 PM

Leaving Neverland, HBO

I watched HBO's Leaving Neverland last night. I am still speechless. It was a devestating two hours. I believe the boys. One was 7 years old.

Superstardom is so powerful. Even if one does not believe the boys, the show was an expose on superstardom, and how most of us would do almost anything to get close to these superstars.
Today 01:11 PM
Today 01:40 AM

Motown Artists Switching to Other Motown Subsidiary Labels

Did any other Motown artists switch to another Motown subsidiary label as David Ruffin did when he switched/assigned to the Motown label being that he was had been a Gordy label artist as part of the Temptations? I am not speaking about guest appearances with an artist from another Motown label or specialty albums or even situations like Marvin Gaye (Tamla) recording the duet album with Diana Ross on the Motown label. I am speaking of just being assigned to another label.

Am I correct that the Contours recorded under the Motown label? In that case, I guess Dennis Edwards move to being a Temptation moved him to the Gordy label, right?

In Dennis' case, I wonder what the reasoning was that he was placed on the Motown label.


Ralph Terrana

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