Today 05:26 AM

Phil Spector - Part B - "Complete Philles LP Discography"

Welcome Wall-Of-Sound fans to Part B of the Phil Spector threads -- the "Complete Philles LP Discography"! It's taken longer than expected to prepare, but I've made it as complete as possible including Artist/LP titles listed by Philles catalog #, as well as tracklists with respective YouTube video soundclips. As a special treat, I've also included photos of each front and back LP cover as well as photos of Side A and Side B of each vinyl LP disc and label-copy from my own personal Philles LP collection. The entire Philles LP Discography and corresponding photos are all prepared and ready for posting. I'll go ahead and post the Discography now. My good buddy Kenny has offered to help me with the photo posting tomorrow (Saturday).

In the meantime, I invite you to look over the "Complete Philles Discography", and I hope you'll enjoy it. However, I ask that you PLEASE NOT REPLY OR MAKE ANY COMMENTS UNTIL THE COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY AND ALL PHOTOS HAVE BEEN ADDED. This way, we can keep the entire piece together. Thanks! I'll let you know when my posting is complete, at which time you're free to comment all you want!
Today 05:35 AM

Motown property songs, just for fun

I was thinking that Diana Ross has three songs concerning property:

My Place
It's My House
This House

The Four Tops have:

7 Rooms Of Gloom
Macarthur Park

R Dean Taylor has:

There's A Ghost In My House

Just for some fun, can you name any more songs?
Yesterday 06:47 PM

"Mickey's Monkey" by The Miracles

Just because it's fun to remember and it is a great song! This record had Miracles, Supremes, Vandellas and God knows who else on it! LOL!

Today 05:42 AM

KC & The Sunshine Band Questions

Funky Time Grooves is in the process of re-issuing the two KC & The Sunshine Band albums recorded for and released on Epic records in the early '80's, and there is also a new KC album "Feeling You - The 1960's" that came out in March. I am a huge fan and look so forward to having these albums on CD. Hopefully "Space Cadet" and "KC Ten" will follow....

With all this KC activity, I have a few questions about the personal KC. Does anyone know if KC is gay? What was his relationship with former KCSB member, Rick Finch? I read somewhere that it was widely known in music circles that KC and Finch were lovers during the heyday of the Sunshine Band, and that when they went their separate ways around 1980, KC sank into depression and had a hard time getting over this. Is any of that true? I just find it very interesting that so little has been said about KC's personal life. I always wondered if he was gay... and if he is, why it has been so incredibly hush-hush over the decades.
Today 05:38 AM

Tom Moutlon Remixes

Is there an album as such of TM remixes? I have the PIR set I'm talking about finding more if there are any.
Today 05:40 AM

Booker T. And The MG's "The Complete Stax Singles Vol. 1: 1962-1967" - 10/11/2019

With apologies to groups like The Meters, Bar-Kays, and Average White Band, when it comes to all-time great instrumental R&B bands, for most folks Booker T. & the MG's represent the gold standard. And with good reason…or, actually reasons! First of all, as the house band of the hallowed Stax label and studio, The MG's pretty much invented the sound of Southern soul, playing on records by everybody from Otis Redding to Wilson Pickett to Carla Thomas. Second, on their own as Booker T & the MG's, they came up with some of the most indelible instrumental jams of all time, including—but by no means limited to!—"Green Onions." And, third, each member of the band was an absolute monster on their instrument, to this day revered and copied by untold numbers of musicians. Indeed, by the time the mid '60s rolled around, bands on both sides of the Atlantic wanted to sound like Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, Jr, and Lewie Steinberg (replaced about halfway through this collection by the great Donald "Duck" Dunn). And what was that sound? Well, a typical MG's tune started from the bottom-up, resting on the rock-solid drumbeat of Jackson and the in-thepocket bass work of Steinberg and, later, Dunn, over which keyboardist Jones and guitarist Cropper traded slinky and/or stinging licks. But these cats weren't just riffhappy groove masters; Jones basically codified the classic Hammond organ sound and Cropper's guitar tone remains the Holy Grail of anyone who's ever picked up a Fender Telecaster. Together, they recorded 49 single sides for Stax under the name of Booker T. & the MG's, and you'll find the first 29 (yes, 29!) of 'em right here, released on a single CD or double-LP pressed in blue vinyl and limited to 1000 copies. As with all of our singles collections, we have very carefully vetted these songs to make sure they are the correct mono single versions, with mastering by Dan Hersch at d2 Mastering, and tape research and sourcing by Mike Johnson and Aaron Kannowski with help from Bill Inglot. Ed Osborne has contributed detailed notes and discographical information, too, and the set's produced by Real Gone's own Gordon Anderson. As for the music, it pretty much speaks for itself: 29 songs, 15 of which reached the charts, including, along with "Green Onions," such classics as "Boot-Leg," "Hip Hug-Her," and "My Sweet Potato." Get ready to get into the groove and stay there for a nice, long while!

1. Green Onions
2. Behave Yourself
3. Jellybread
4. Aw' Mercy
5. Home Grown
6. Big Train
7. Chinese Checkers
8. Plum-Nellie
9. Fannie Mae
10. Mo-Onions
11. Tic-Tac-Toe
12. Soul Dressing
13. MG Party
14. Can't Be Still
15. Terrible Thing
16. Boot-Leg
17. Outrage
18. Be My Lady
19. Red Beans and Rice
20. My Sweet Potato
21. Booker-Loo
22. Jingle Bells
23. Winter Wonderland
24. Hip Hug-Her
25. Summertime
26. Groovin'
27. Slim Jenkin's Place
28. Winter Snow
29. Silver Bells



Ralph Terrana

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