Today 05:44 AM

Our Motown Top 60

Hey everyone, keeping with Motown's 60th Anniversary I think it would be great if we post a favorite Motown recording here until we reach 60 of our favorites. If someone post one that you were thinking of posting, pick a different one (God knows there are a lot to choose from).
I will start things off with this one:


Today 05:11 AM

We hit before motown

How about artist who had minor hits before joining motown groups?...cindy birdsong[the blue-belles..i'm still waiting]..richard owens[the vibrations-the sloop dance]..ron tyson[the ethics-sad story]...your turn!
Yesterday 04:10 PM

What's your thought on the Andantes replacing vocals on groups

They may be unsung, but they sure suckered us into buying a Four Tops, Martha and the Vandellas, Marvelettes, and worst of all *GASP* a Supremes record.

What's your thoughts on this? Should have this false advertising happened in Motown?

Louvain could give us some input if she's available.
Today 12:16 AM

The Original Temptations! Rare Photo

Here is a rare photo of the Original Temptations on stage. It looks like Paul Williams was leading at the time of this photo:

Attachment 16023

L. to R. Eddie Kendricks, Al Bryant, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin and Paul Williams.
Today 07:23 AM

Original/first recording of Ivy Jo Hunter's "Only A Lonely Man Would Know" circa 1967

I'm wondering where I might find Ivy Jo's original recording of this song. I have just one minute of what I think is the original which I'll link here:-


There's also a more polished later version recorded in 1968 that appeared on "The Rarest Detroit Grooves Volume 4" - which I have.

Is the original available/obtainable anywhere? I thought this would be the place to ask.



Ralph Terrana

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