Yesterday 05:23 PM

Motown 30 TV special! (TRIGGER WARNING!!! Hosted by Robert Townsend)

It seems to be more about Black music in general, rather than Motown. Thought some who missed it the first time might want to see it. I was a baby when it was first broadcast, so I definitely missed it then.
07-31-2020 03:46 PM

Did Don Cornelius Help Screw Up Michael Jackson's Head About Self Imaging :

Surely no harm intended, but listen to what Don says at :30 and watch Michael's reaction:

the audience doesn't take too well to it either.
Yesterday 12:05 PM

The Four Tops - Reach Out, the album

I listened to this today. It had 6 single releases that spanned 1966 to 1968.
In terms of releases, that must be a record. I think there might have beeen 1 or 2 more potential releases on it.
I think it is the equivalent to the Supremes A Go Go in terms of mix of motown songs and non motown songs, and very well produced.
Yesterday 05:53 PM

J5s THE LOVE YOU SAVE Was A Doubled-Sided Hit? (& why isn't 'STOP!' in the title)

After The Jackson Five's THE LOVE YOU SAVE had peaked (#1 for two weeks June 27 to July 4, 1970 ) , but while still in the Top Ten , Billboard started posting the record as a two sided hit: THE LOVE YOU SAVE /I FOUND THAT GIRL.

Curious that the song is in its fade stage that the b-side seems to get discovered ??? I don't recall ever hearing it on the radio, but apparently in some regions, on some stations .....

I remember I FOUND THAT GIRL from buying their GREATEST HITS package, makes more sense now that it was placed on there .
07-27-2020 06:17 AM

Unreleased Motown 1970 Wish List

I'm just thinking and now wishing out loud about what I would love to see on Unreleased Motown 1970. I know we're a few months out, but if the producers of this series happen to read this, here's my wish list of artists I'd like to hear from:

Stevie Wonder
Rose Batiste
Jean & The Supremes
Diana Ross - live tracks from her first solo concert
Rare Earth
The Hearts of Stone
Yvonne Fair
Valerie Simpson

Who would everybody else like to see on the next release?
Yesterday 04:14 PM

Covers The Dells Should Have Made

Anyone else think the Dells should’ve covered this song? Marvin Junior could have given Bobby Lester a run for his money here. I personally wish they’d done a tribute album to the Moonglows instead of Dionne Warwick.


Ralph Terrana

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