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MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS - I Promise to Wait My Love 1968

The Funk Brothers are really kicking up some dust on this one!

Today 11:58 AM

Gaye's Family Accuses Pharrell Williams of Perjury During 'Blurred Lines' Trial

Marvin Gaye's family has accused Pharrell Williams of perjuring himself in court during the 2015 copyright trial for "Blurred Lines."

Read more here:
Today 11:38 AM

Darlene Love “Disappointed” NBC had Someone Else Sing Her Christmas Signature Hit

Darlene Love “Disappointed” NBC Used Younger Singer Perform Signature Hit on Xmas Tree Show

by Roger Friedman - December 5, 2019
Darlene Love is mad and I don’t blame her. She posted to Facebook tonight after being unable to get NBC and Brad Lachman Productions to let her sing one of her signature songs on the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree lighting show. Darlene is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a true veteran superstar of real rock and roll and soul.

When Paul Shaffer and his band performed on the David Letterman show, each year he’d have Darlene on to sing “Christmas Baby, Please Come Home.” Just a few years ago, Darlene starred in the Oscar winning documentary “20 Feet from Stardom.” She also had to chase Phil Spector through the court system to get any reparations for singing most of his hits in the early 60s solo and with the Crystals.

Not having Darlene Love sing that is like not having Aretha sing “Respect” or Gladys Knight sing “Midnight Train to Georgia.” You just don’t do it.

Here’s what she posted:

“Once again I was snubbed by Brad Lachman Productions who produce the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and instead they book another artist to perform my song “Christmas Baby, Please Come Home” each year!! Such an insult and let down! They book these young artists who can’t even hit the notes properly and are off key. Makes NO sense!! That’s my song and I’m still alive. Show me some respect! My publicist has been trying for over 10 years to lock this performance down for me and they keep saying that I’m not their demo or big enough and would only book me if Bette Midler or Bruce Springsteen would do it with me. I would NEVER ask my friends to do that. If you want them, go thru their team. This business can be so unfair at times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m TRULY blessed for what I have accomplished at 78 years of age but it’s still a constant struggle to stay relevant and convince those who control the industry that I’m worth it. I’m turning off the TV. Gotta rest up for my holiday tour. Thank you to all my fans and friends who do support me. You keep my spirit happy and alive. Love, DARLENE! ❤️”

TV ALERT: Darlene wil perform “Christmas Baby Please Come Home” on December 20th on The View.

Darlene also posted this on Facebook:
“In the meantime, PLEASE tune in to The View on 12/20 to watch me perform MY song with a very special guest. I know some of you object to me doing The View but PLEASE just put aside your political views for me this one time. The producers at ABC treat me very well and with respect. They produce my entire segment, pay my entire band, singers and me too and cover all my expenses. Most other TV shows require ME to pay them $15,000 to $20,000 to perform. I don’t have that kind of money and not signed to a label. This is all out of my pocket so I’m very grateful for Jamie Hammer and Brian Teta who by the way was a former producer at David Letterman who helped bring me over to The View. Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustrations to all of you and Thank you listening and showing me your love and support. This will help me get a good night sleep. God bless ❤️😘

Today 10:43 AM

Is there a Motown Calendar? If Not, Why Not?

I just picked up a 2020 David Bowie full color picture calendar, as well as a Marvel Avengers Endgame calendar;
there are calendars for Beatles, Elvis etc how has there never been a Motown calendar with a different group/ artist for each month??
Today 12:13 PM

The Dynamics

This is a message to all who fell for the lie the Carnell Butler has been perpetrating. Carnell Butler was hired by the Dynamics in 2011 and was fired by the Dynamics 2 months later. When we first met him he lied and said he was a member of the Ebony's and a current member at that time of the Falcons. We knew both groups from way back so we knew he was telling a lie but we kept him because we needed a replacement quickly. I won't put all of the low down and dirty things he tried to do since then because I respect our business and I'm not a snitch. I've had a trademark on the Dynamics since 25 years ago. And you can look it up and see whose name is on it I started out being the lead singer of a group called the Stereophonics and we will manage by the same person who managed the Dynamics. His name was Anthony Wilson and he was a paraplegic that could out sing anyone we ever heard oh, but he was a saying that he was a paraplegic so he never got out there. I'll next manager was Dave Fox some of you may know him or of him. Carnell Butler would not know about either one of these guys. Most of the information online anywhere concerning the Dynamics is a fabrication by Carnell Butler and a lot of other people who have no idea of the history of the group. back during the beginning of the Dynamics before they even have the name the Dynamics the group was called the Monarchs, but the name was dropped because of our friend Joe Stubbs and his group called The Monarchs. I will be posting any information that anyone ask me a question about. Thank you my new friend.


Ralph Terrana

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