Today 06:06 PM

When do you think rhythm and blues/soul went downhill?

I'm going with the 1980s, I felt that was the beginning of the end of good soul music.

What about you guys?
Today 12:15 PM

The Temptations Celebrate 60th Anniversary With New Smokey Robinson-Penned Song

The year-long 60th anniversary celebrations of the Temptations continues with the release of their new single “Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No.” The romantic, swaying track features a momentous reunion with one of their oldest friends and fellow travelers in the epic Motown story, Smokey Robinson, who wrote and produced it.
Richly harmonized in time-honored Temptations style, “Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No” opens with the familiar, warm baritone of sole surviving original member Otis “Big Daddy” Williams, before the appearance of the similarly unmistakable Robinson. The unbreakable bond between the two giant acts of Motown lore go back to the Temptations’ first hits, and indeed even earlier, as the co-writer and producer of their 1963 single “I Want A Love I Can See.”

Read more and hear "Is It Gonna Be Yes Or Now" here:
Temptations Reunite With Smokey Robinson On 'Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No' [udiscovermusic.com].
Yesterday 11:43 PM

More Motown Girls "Good Good Feeling" Now available !

Currently for sale as a pre-order !
This will then be released on August 27th 2021, this in the UK , presume same for U.S. ?
Worth shopping around as one certain large outfit with the same name as the large forest in South America is charging £16.99 !
Yesterday 01:23 PM

Anthony Hamilton – Love Is The New Black [[2021)

01 – Love Is The New Black
02 – Threw It All Away
03 – Real Love [[feat. Rick Ross)
04 – I’m Ready [[feat. Lil Jon)
05 – White Hennessy
06 – Coming Home
07 – You Made A Fool Of Me
08 – I Thought We Were In Love
09 – Superstar [[feat. Jennifer Hudson)
10 – Pillows
11 – I’m Sorry
12 – Mercy
13 – Safe
14 – Mama Don’t Cry

09-21-2021 05:53 PM

Best Opening Line of a Motown Song That's NOT the Song's Title:

Any particularly strong lines stand out that set up the record, but are not the song's title?
The line gets used and then the song moves on ...
For instance I'm thinking:

People say I'm the life of the party, 'cause I tell a joke or two ....

It's just a great lead in that rolls off Smokey's tongue ....


Ralph Terrana

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