Today 06:31 PM

Happy Birthday to Ralph & Russ Terrana!

Happy 80th Birthday [and Many, Many More] to The Terrana Bros. [Ralph & Russ]!!
Today 11:20 AM

Phyllis Hyman would have turned 73 tomorrow [[Wednesday the 6th)

Thanks to a couple of reminders here and there.......most recently a nice tribute today from Soul Tracks.........we can perhaps pause to remember the stunning Phyllis, who left us so tragically 27 years ago last week.

Considering that many of our icons have recorded and performed well into their 70s and even 80s, it makes you stop and think about how much more of her talent she could have shared with us, and might still be sharing, if she had not been overtaken by her mental illness.

If you have not done so, pick up a copy of the box set, which will help you remember [[or I guess in some cases "discover") her vast talent. I think that set can be found if you shop wisely for well under $50 US funds.
Yesterday 06:34 AM

Sylvester's 1980 lp 'Too Hot To Sleep'

Kinda, sorta overlooked at the time [[probably due to the swerve from disco to smooth jazz/quiet storm) this has become a favorite, and perhaps the favorite lp from this wonderful singer. Here's the opening cut 'Thinking Right'. Wow does this lp hold up 42 years [[gulp!!) later -

Yesterday 07:34 PM

The Women Of Motown

A marathon read, but if it helps you - it's alphabetical.


Yesterday 07:50 PM

Soul Singer P.P. Arnold Accuses Ike Turner of Rape in New Memoir

Soul singer P.P. Arnold, who once sang with Ike and Tina Turner as a member of the Ikettes, has accused Ike Turner of raping her in her upcoming memoir, Soul Survivor.
While the book hasn’t been published yet, Arnold told The Telegraph in an interview that Turner once trapped her in a room and raped her. “What can I say?” she continued. “It was awful. I despised Ike on that level, but I didn’t know how to express myself.”
Arnold, who did not specify when the alleged incident happened, added that she was fearful of speaking out, as it could’ve meant the end of her budding career, and a return to an abusive husband. “I was told Tina wanted to get rid of me because Ike was after me,” Arnold said. “If I had run to Tina or called my parents, it would have meant I would have [had] to come home.”Turner’s history of abuse towards his ex-wife, Tina, has been well-documented over the years [Ike died in 2007]. In her own memoir, My Love Story, Tina even wrote, “Sex with Ike had become an expression of hostility — a kind of rape — especially when it began or ended with a beating.” Ike, himself, has also claimed he was sexually assaulted and raped as a child, writing in his memoir, Taking Back My Name, that he had “sexual relations” with at least three people before he was 12 years old.
As for Arnold, she said she eventually left the Ikettes at the urging of none other than Mick Jagger, with whom she soon struck up a romantic relationship that, Arnold claims, also involved Jagger’s then-girlfriend, Marianne Faithfull. In her book, Arnold writes that “Marianne was more interested in me,” but she was more “infatuated” with Jagger. Ultimately, though, the relationship left her uneasy: “There was a plantation feel about it, like I was plaything.”

Elsewhere in, Soul Survivor, Arnold discusses her successful solo career in the U.K., the tragic death of her 13-year-old daughter, Debbie, and how Andrew Lloyd Webber helped revitalize her career with a role in his musical Starlight Express. She also discusses her relationships with other rock luminaries including Jimi Hendrix, Rod Stewart, and Small Faces frontman Steve Marriott. As she told The Telegraph, describing these liaisons was less about dishing pure gossip than setting the record straight.

“I just thought, ‘These guys were my friends, but they didn’t even mention me in their books,’” she said. “I’m not ashamed. I was young, I was experiencing my life and hey, boom, here it is.”


Ralph Terrana

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