Today 08:34 AM

Nolan Strong & Diablos were recruited for Motown, but declined.

This is a very interesting article about Nolan Strong and the Diablos. The group was inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll legends early 2019. I do not recall any coverage on the forum about this occurrence.

There is a small explanation of how the group was under consideration to sign with Motown but never did. Too bad.

I also learned something I had wanted to know about Nolan. Barrett Strong is a cousin of Nolan's. Their major hit, The Wind, is far superior to that of the Jesters. It is a good song though.


Legend has it that Smokey Robinson was a huge fan of the Diablos.
Today 08:06 AM

The Originals - Please Mr Postman

Sometimes shown just as Mr Postman.

Have to say I do like this version it's very pleasant - not everyone will agree of course lol.

Today 05:56 AM

Pointer Sisters Best Ballad?

'Where Did The Time Go' from the album 'Special Things' has my vote. You?

Today 08:01 AM

Happy 81st Birthday to Eddie Holland

Wishing Eddie Holland a Happy 81st Birthday (and Many More)!
Yesterday 11:40 PM

Maxine Powell. On Tammii Terrell

Was doing a little online research on my girl Tammi and found an article on Maxine Powell. In the article she stated that Tammi lived in a "fantasy" world. I take that to mean that maybe Mrs Powell thought maybe that Tammi's goals & dreams were fantasy's? She didn't elaborate...I don't know how to cut & paste the article here
Today 01:02 AM

Would Motown Have Happened Under Socialism??

.... just a notion to ponder over. :confused:


Ralph Terrana

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