Today 03:44 PM

The making of Hitsville

I went to the Detroit premier last night. Looks like I was left on the editing room floor. But that is okay. The movie dealt primarily with the earlier days. All in all, I thought the movie was well done.
Today 03:59 PM

Unreleased Motown tracks & promos uploaded to YouTube

I had some time, so I uploaded some items to Youtube. Enjoy!

Today 03:41 PM

The DISCO Era! Come On, You Know You Liked It!

Folks, now that Chic has issued a box set. I was thinking that it should be ok now to finally discuss the music of the Disco Era that was roughly 1974-80. For years people would not admit that they liked some of the music, but there really was some good and memorable recordings to come out of all of that self indugence and debauchery......... LOL! Let's discuss. One of my favorites from the era was

Peter Brown's "Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me - 1977
Yesterday 11:12 PM

Phil Spector - Part B - "Complete Philles LP Discography"

Welcome Wall-Of-Sound fans to Part B of the Phil Spector threads -- the "Complete Philles LP Discography"! It's taken longer than expected to prepare, but I've made it as complete as possible including Artist/LP titles listed by Philles catalog #, as well as tracklists with respective YouTube video soundclips. As a special treat, I've also included photos of each front and back LP cover as well as photos of Side A and Side B of each vinyl LP disc and label-copy from my own personal Philles LP collection. A big round of applause is in order for my good buddy Kenny (Kenneth) who has graciously offered (succumbed!) to post the Philles photos for me. I hope you'll all enjoy reliving the musical power and magnificence of Phil Spector's Philles Records.
Today 01:53 PM

If you had to choose just 1...?

Now this is a really difficult one: if you had to choose just 1 label of artists and music to keep from Motown’s 7 main labels, to the extent that none of the other labels artists and music have ever existed, which 1 would it be?

Bear in mind, if you choose MOTOWN, you lose Marvin, Stevie and the Temptations; if you choose GORDY, you’ve never had The Supremes, The Four Tops, The Miracles or The Marvelettes; if you choose TAMLA, you would have never heard The Vandellas, The Velvelettes, Jr Walker or Gladys!!

…for the record …I chose to keep TAMLA…! …now your turn…and here’s lists of all 7 labels’ artists …from the classic 1959 to 1976 era …to help you make your choice…!


Bob Kayli
Bobby Taylor
Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers
Bunny Paul
Edwin Starr
Edwin Starr & Blinky
Eivets Rednow
Eric & The Vikings
Hattie Littles
Jay & The Techniques
Kim Weston
LaBrenda Ben & The Beljeans
Lee & The Leopards
Leon Ware
Liz Lands
Luther Allison
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Mike & The Modifiers
Paul Williams
Ralph Sharon
Rev Martin Luther King
Rita Wright
San Remo Golden Strings
Terry Johnson
Tommy Good
The Contours
The Darnells
The Festivals
The Lollipops
The Stylers
The Temptations
The Undisputed Truth


Amos Milburn
Art & Honey
Barbara McNair
Barrett Strong
Billy Eckstine
Bob Horn
Bobby Breen
Bobby Darin
Bobby Womack
Bottom & Company
Captain Zap & Motortown Cut-Ups
Carolyn Crawford
Caston & Majors
Charlene Duncan
Chip Hand
Choker Campbell & His 16-Piece Band
Chris Clark
Chuck Jackson
Connie Haines
Connie Van Dyke
CP Spencer
Dan The Banjo Man
David Ruffin
Debbie Dean
Diahann Carroll
Diana Ross
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye
Diana Ross & The Supremes
Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations
Dickey & The Poseidons
Different Shades Of Brown
Eddie Holland
Edwin Starr
Eric & The Vikings
Eugene Remus
Frankie Valli
Frankie Valli & Four Seasons
Freddie Perren
GC Cameron
Gil Askey
Gloria Jones
Gordon Staples & Motown Strings
Henry Lumpkin
Herman Griffin
Holland & Dozier
Irene Granny Ryan
Jackie Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
Jerry Butler
Jimmy Randolph
Joe Frazier
Joe Harnell
Jonah Jones
Junior Walker
Kathe Green
Kim Weston
Lenny Williams
Leslie Uggams
Linda Griner
Little Lisa
Martin & Finley
Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells
Mary Wells
Michael Edward Campbell
Michael Jackson
Michel Legrand
Paul Petersen
Philip Lambro
Popcorn & The Mohawks
Reuben Howell
Red Jones
Richard Popcorn Wylie & His Band
Ronnie McNeir
Rose Banks
Sammy Davis Jr
Sammy Turner
Scatman Crothers
Severin Browne
Sherri Taylor & Singin' Sammy Ward
Sisters Love
Soupy Sales
Stacie Johnson
Stephanie Mills
Stephen Cohn
Su Shifrin
Suzie Ikeeda
Tammi Terrell
The Allens
The Boones
The Commodores
The Contours
The Devastating Affair
The Ding Dongs
The Dynamic Superiors
The Four Tops
The Golden Harmoneers
The Jackson 5
The Jerry Ross Symposium
The Magic Disco Machine
The Morrocco Muzik Makers
The Naturals
The Ones
The Originals
The Pat Boone Family
The Satintones
The Serenaders
The Spinners
The Supremes
The Supremes & The Four Tops
The Twistin' Kings
The Valadiers
Thelma Houston
Third Creation
Tony Martin
Vin Cardinal
William Goldstein
William Goldstein & Magic Disco Machine
Willie Hutch
Yvonne Fair
Zell Black


Art & Honey
Bobby Darin
Bobby Taylor
Frankie Valli
Frankie Valli & Four Seasons
GC Cameron
GC Cameron & Willie Hutch
Gil Askey
Leo Bendix
Lesley Gore
Martin & Finley
Michael Campbell
Michel Legrand
Michelle Aller
Phil Cordell
Reuben Howell
Sisters Love
Stacie Johnson
Suzee Ikeda
The Blackberries
The Commodores
The Crusaders
The Devastating Affair
The Music Makers
The Nu Page
The Repairs
Thelma Houston
Tom Clay


Allan Nicholls
Blue Scepter
Brass Monkey
Chris Holland & T-Bone
Dan The Banjo Man
Danny Hernandez & The Ones
Dave Prince
David Alexander
Dennis Stoner
Friendly Persuasion
Howl The Good
Keef James
Ken Christie & The Sunday People
Lost Nation
Love Culture
Michael Denton
Michael Edward Campbell
My Friends
R Dean Taylor
Rare Earth
The Rough Riders
Slowbone & The Wonder Boys
Sonny & The Sovereigns
Sounds Nice
Stoney & Meatloaf
The Cats
The Crystal Mansion
The Easybeats
The God Squad Featuring Leonard Caston
The Impact Of Brass
The John Wagner Coalition
The Messengers
The Poor Boys
The Power Of Zeus
The Pretty Things
The Repairs
The Rustix
The Sunday Funnies
The Virgil Brothers
Toe Fat
Vincent Dimarco
Wes Henderson


Barbara Randolph
Billy Proctor
Bob Babbitt
David & Jimmy Ruffin
Earl Van Dyke
Earl Van Dyke & The Motown Brass
Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers
Frances Nero
Frank Wilson
Gladys Knight & The Pips
Jack Hammer
Jamal Trice
Jimmy Ruffin
Joe Hinton
Jr Walker & The All Stars
Junior Walker
Richard Popcorn Wylie
Shorty Long
The Fantastic Four
The Freeman Brothers
The Hit Pack
The Merced Blue Notes
The Monitors
The Originals
The Velvelettes
Yvonne Fair


Barrett Strong
Bob & Marcia
Bob Kayli
Brenda Holloway
Chico Leverett
Different Shades of Brown
Eddie Kendricks
Gino Parks
Kiki Dee
Kim Weston
Little Otis
Mable John
Marv Johnson
Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Mickey McCullers
Mickey Woods
Nick & The Jaguars
Rev Columbus Mann
Ron & Bill
Sammy Ward
Saundra Mallet & The Vandellas
Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Stevie Wonder
Táta Vega
The Courtship
The Downbeats
The Gospel Stars
The Isley Brothers
The Marvelettes
The Miracles
The Satintones
Valerie Simpson
Virgil Henry
Willie Tyler & Lester


Chris Clark
Chuck Jackson
Danny Day
Debbie Dean
Dorsey Burnette
Hearts of Stone
Ivy Jo
King Floyd
Little Lisa
Mickey McCullers
Oma Heard
Patrice Holloway
R Dean Taylor
Ray Oddis
Richard Anthony
Rick, Robin & Him
The Abbey Tavern Singers
The Andantes
The Dalton Boys
The Elgins
The Headliners
The Honest Men
The Hornets
The LaSalles
The Lewis Sisters
The Majestics
The Monitors
The Mynah Birds
The Serenaders
The Stylists
The Underdogs
The Velvelettes
The Vows
Tony & Carolyn

Grape :)
08-23-2019 06:47 PM

"Mickey's Monkey" by The Miracles

Just because it's fun to remember and it is a great song! This record had Miracles, Supremes, Vandellas and God knows who else on it! LOL!


Ralph Terrana

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