Today 12:40 AM

Yvonne Fair - Let Your Hair Down

Motown should've promoted their black rock/funk acts harder lol

Yvonne had a surefire hit album (and Marvin Gaye backed her and if I'm not mistaken, didn't he produce some of the tracks? I think I hear him vocally backing her here too) and Motown let it go to waste (besides from It Should Have Been Me being a UK hit later on). SHAME!!!

I just love her "fe-fi-fo-fa-HUM!" Another song hip-hop heavily sampled. ;)
Today 01:10 AM

Quincy Jones implicates Brando and Marvin "got it on"

And also claims MJ "stole a lot of his songs". :rolleyes:


Since y'all posting semi-OT stuff, it's whatever. But he mentioned Marvin once.

Just... I mean I wouldn't mind if it was true (because they were both very handsome of course :o ) but neither Marlon nor Marvin can defend themselves.

Q's literally off his doggone (no pun intended) rocker! :eek:
Yesterday 11:06 PM

People of Black History Month not mentioned.

On various television shows and in the media there are numerous shows and article about people who were famous and that you should know during Black History Month. I have yet to hear anything about Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin, Florence Ballard, Mary Wells, etc. etc.

Has anyone else heard them mentioned during the month of February?
Yesterday 10:38 PM

Florence Ballard passed away 42 years ago today

On February 22, 1976, our esteemed Florence Ballard passed away. It seems like almost yesterday. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers today. Blondie was a great singer.
Today 01:19 AM

Diana Ross: 1974

Diana Ross released an album (or soundtrack album) every year between 1970 and 1985 (pretty impressive!), with the exception of 1974.

Last Time I Saw Him was released December, 1973
Mahogany was released October, 1975

Any thoughts why nothing was released? Was she too busy filming Mahogany to record?
02-19-2018 12:11 AM

MARY WILSON says She Has To Work - Campaigns for Royalty Legislation for Streaming

Mary Wilson and Darlene Love are fighting for legislation to pay royalties to artists recordings from prior to 1972. If I understand the article correctly, radio and streaming do not have to pay royalies for music recorded before 1972.

It was no big problem before, because the audiences would hear the music, buy the CD and the artists were compensated from the CD royalty. But now, there are minimul CD sales, and the artists are not getting any compensation for the music before 1972.

Mary says that ".. with the digital world coming in, when they play your music you are not getting compensated because people don’t want to go out and buy CDs and albums like they used to. That was our payback.”

Mary said that she continues to perform because she has to make up for that lost revenue.

Mary said, “Now we have to work to get [that] back. Guess what? I have to. At 73 years old, I should be sitting at home and only working when I want to work, not because I have to work. I don’t have that income anymore.”

Interesting article. So if we are sitting at home or in the car listening to an oldies station or a streaming service, any song from before 1972 is being played without paying any royalty.

Almost like the recordings are now in public domain, but they are not. Royalties are still paid for sales, but not for plays. Doesn't sound too fair to me.



Ralph Terrana

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