Today 10:27 AM

Group member solo departures - Label Assignments

Was there any kind of logic used by Motown when group members departed and that member stayed or later resigned with the company?

Supremes/DRATS/Diana Ross - Supremes/DRATS were on Motown and Diana Ross was on Motown

Commodores/Lionel Richie - Commodores were on Motown and Lionel Richie was on Motown

Miracles/SRATM - Miracles/SRATM were on Tamla and Smokey Robinson was on Tamla

Temptations - Tempations were on Gordy and David Ruffin was on Motown, Dennis Edwards was on Gordy, Eddie Kendrics was on Tamla.

Just curious.
Today 08:09 AM

The Motown Story LPs vs. CDs

Just discovered 'The Motown Story' on CD, and I think it's great. A fabulous insight into the stories behind the music and I love the style of the commentary. Who else enjoys these? I noticed there are also the LPs, two different 5 LP sets, which I have ordered as I am a bit of a completist and noticed there were a few tracks not on the two different CD sets. Will I have everything with the two 5 LP set or is there any other recordings people would recommend?


Ralph Terrana

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