Today 10:47 AM

Stephanie Mills - New Song Coming Soon

Stephanie Mills will be releasing a new song. "Let's Do The Right Thing" is schedule for release 6/19/21.

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Today 08:56 AM

I guess it runs in the family.

My nephew Jimmy Territo produced these talented guys and writes their songs. Their debut on Americas Got Talent was a smash last night. Check these guys out.

06-16-2021 04:48 PM

Songs with dances in the title

Mickey's Monkey
Twistin' Postman
Come On Do the Jerk
Can You Jerk Like Me?

All of the above songs were original compositions released on various Motown labels, and all contain the names of dances.

I know there are more. Can you name more songs released by Motown that contain the names of dances that are NOT covers?
Yesterday 10:29 AM

"Greetings! We're The Monitors" The Album That Hipped Me to The Motown Engineers

My CD of "Greetings! We're The Monitors" has been on heavy rotation for a few days. I remember the day I got this album in the mail, 1983. I was in 11th grade. I had won the album in a mail-in auction [[well before the internet). When I got home from school, there was this big package on my bed and I excitedly tore that thing to shreds trying to see my prize. Wow, the vivid colors [[purple, yellow a great color photo of The Monitors) told me that this was going to be a really good album. I had no idea.

This was one of the albums that I played from front to back and never found a dull spot in 12 tracks. The music was just so good and it was primo Motown, that mid 60's sound I loved so much. I kept thinking why I had never heard these songs before and why the group wasn't more well-known. I just sat transfixed, staring at the cover and reading and re-reading the liner notes. I thought that they looked like a fun group of people and Sandra Fagin was one of THE most beautiful women I had ever seen.

The one song, though, that I kept coming back to was "Time Is Passin' By." I thought this song was THE MOTOWN song! This was pure, 100% The Motown Sound, everything I liked about Motown. One thing though that I noticed was how pristine the sound was, how perfectly balanced everything was. I had never given thought to it before, but this song, this album was the first time I considered that may have been more to the sound Motown got than the producers. I think I had the impression that producers also did the mixing and whatever else to get the sounds onto tape. But then listening to "Time Is Passin' By", the sound was just way too good.

There was a technical perfection that I realized could not have come from anyone except someone who was knowledgeable about sound levels, EQs and whatever other terms I'd never understand. I kept thinking there must be another step or person involved in the recording process that I hadn't thought about. I was young and learning, but I do remember this was when I had the thought of some kind of engineer.

Through the years I learned that of course there were sound engineers! This site was a big part of the education in that. So as I've been listening to the "Greetings!" album, I keep thinking about that day of discovery and I still marvel at how amazing that entire album sounds. Whoever mixed and engineered that LP, my everlasting appreciation goes out because that is one the best albums I've ever listened to.
06-14-2021 01:20 PM

House Of Beauty / HOB Records

In some quarters HOB is listed as a gospel subsidiary of Motown.

Seem to have a couple of recognisable names on their records early on - Herman Griffin & The Rayber Voices, Voices of Tabernacle, The Contours [[though I think that may be a different group).

Berry Gordy wrote [[and arranged?) "I Need You" and "I'm So Glad" for Herman Griffin. The music for "I'm So Glad" seems to be copyright to Rayber Music Writing Co. "I Need You" is the first song published by Jobete.

I've not read much about this label so I'm guessing the Motown connection may be overplayed, or is it?


Ralph Terrana

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