Today 10:00 AM

Motown 60 Sunday Night

Of course the Gordy family would be behind it. This is their legacy, but they'll back anything honoring Motown whether its good or not. This special is geared toward the average viewer, not the dedicated Motown fan. I'm not expecting a Motown 25 or Motown 40.

It's odd. There has been no word or mention of the Motown documentary yet. When this special taped back in February word was the Motown documentary was going to air on Showtime in April, yet here we are entering the last full week of April and not a word has been spoken. In fact, this whole Motown 60 celebration so far has been a huge let down. The Grammy Awards Motown tribute was a joke. I doubt I'll be enthralled with this Motown 60 Grammys special. I'm hoping the documentary will be good (whenever that airs), but that'll have a Gordy slant to it. After that, what else is there since clearly Universal doesn't give a damn nor clear to do anything in terms of music? Their "Motown Did It First" campaign is nothing but Instagram stories, but where's the music?

I said it before and I'll say it again...Motown 60, like Motown 50, is going to be a huge wet fart.
Today 02:37 AM

Good Ratings for Motown 60

Overnight ratings for last night are in and Motown 60 won it's time slot beating out American Idol. Usually this means more such shows will be planned.
Today 09:59 AM

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles' "Tears of a Clown"

Hey guys,

I'm listening to "Tears of a Clown" on the 35th Anniversary Box-Set right now. Why does this version sound different to my ears? I've heard this song so many times, but this version sounds a little faster paced...?? Or is it just me?:p
04-20-2019 12:22 PM

Say hello to Russell Thompkins Jr of the New Stylistics

SDF Family,

Let's keep this thread going. Since Ralph invited me to the Forum a few years ago, I have received invaluable feedback from all of you regarding several different topics. Your questions, comments, and excellent musical knowledge motivates me and TNS to perform at the highest level we can and it has also helped us to become better, more informed human beings. We look forward to the continued dialouge.

We love you!

RAT Jr & The New Stylistics
Yesterday 08:59 PM

Oh Martha!

Two days of rehearsals and her segment was completely cut from Motown 60. And when the Motown stars were asked to stand, no recognition at all?

To be a fly on the wall at her house this evening.....
Today 05:09 AM

Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real: The Columbia Anthology" 2CD set (SoulMusic UK) 6/14/19

SoulMusic Records is proud to present "Got To Be Real: The Columbia Anthology," a 31-track 2-CD retrospective drawn from the six albums recorded by much-loved singer/songwriter Cheryl Lynn between 1978-1985 along with three recordings featuring her soulful distinctive vocals as a special guest. .When CBS Records signed Los Angeles-born Cheryl in 1977, it was hot on the heels of her powerhouse performance on 'The Gong Show,' a then-popular US television talent contest; at 21, she reluctantly entered the contest, only to emerge as the clear winner. A bidding war among major US record labels ensued and after she opted for a deal with CBS, Cheryl was paired with the production team of Marty and David Paich. The result was Cheryl's self-titled Columbia certified gold debut album for which Cheryl co-wrote five songs including the now-classic 'Got To Be Real'. .With further chart success via 'Star Love' and as a special guest on Toto's memorable hit, 'Georgy Porgy', Cheryl's recording career moved into high gear. This 2019 compilation of some of her finest work features Cheryl's twelve subsequent US charted singles, including 'Shake It Up Tonight' (from the Ray Parker Jr.-produced 1981 LP, "In The Night"); 'If This World Were Mine', Cheryl's sumptuous duet with Luther Vandross (who produced her 1982 LP, "Instant Love"); the Jam & Lewis-produced US R&B chart topper 'Encore' (from the1984 LP, "Preppie"); and 1985's 'At Last You're Mine', from the movie Heavenly Bodies..Also included here are key cuts from Cheryl's 1979 sophomore LP, "In Love" (produced by Barry Blue) and her 1985 swansong set, "It's Gonna Be Right" and Cheryl's haunting performance on famed jazz flautist Hubert Laws' 1982 recording, 'Goodbye For Now'..With stellar liner notes by renowned US writer, Janine Coveney, first class mastering by Nick Robbins and great artwork from Roger Williams, this musically-satisfying compilation showcases Cheryl Lynn's dexterity as a multi-talented songwriter and producer and as an acclaimed dance music diva.



Ralph Terrana

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