Today 12:06 PM

Motowniest Non Motown Song?

What non Motown label song do you think sounds most like a Motown Song?

Covers of Motown songs donít count

I would say Cool Jerk by the Capitols but if I remember right wasnít it all Funk Brothers playing on it? Which to me would disqualify it

I always thought that Karma Chameleon by Boy George had a Motownesque feel to it

When the Motown sound became a phenomenon a lot of labels and artists tried to emulate it

Who do you think did it the best?
Today 01:49 PM

Birthday greetings to....

The great Smokey Robinson, who turns 79 years old today. Many thanks for your great contributions to Motown! :D

Also, today would have been the birthdays of two other Motown alums, Bobby Rogers of the Miracles and publicist Al Abrams.
Today 03:37 PM

Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn

I LOVE this classic track from Cheryl Lynn!!! However, I'm trying to find a version of the song I recall hearing AGES ago with a interlude in which Cheryl sings "zoo-zoo, zoo-zoo, zoo-zoo" or something along those lines.

I have the original album version and the single version neither of which have this bit in it!! Does anyone know what I mean and could help me out? Thanks guys! :D


Ralph Terrana

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