Today 09:54 PM

Jan Gaye Reported Dead

I thought with the first facebook announcement this might be a hoax, but Billy Griffin of the Miracles just confirmed her passing at 66. Don't know any other details.
Today 02:36 PM

Tommy Good Protest!

A re-enactment of a Tommy Good fan protest from 1964; his fans wanted his record released!
Today 07:13 PM

Edwin Starr-"Edwin Starr [1977 LP]" [UMG]

Info from SecondDisc.com-
Streaming/Download Release. The first of a few records "War" singer Starr cut for 20th Century-Fox Records, this 1977 LP offers some fine examples of Starr as you loved him on Motown.

Amazon Music-
Edwin Starr by Edwin Starr on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

‎Edwin Starr by Edwin Starr on Apple Music

Overture: Afternoon Sunshine
Afternoon Sunshine
Pretty Girl
Ruby Begonia
I Just Wanna Do My Thing
Mr. Davenport And Mr. James
Not Having You
Everybody Needs Love
Edge Of Insanity

Today 07:22 PM
Today 09:44 AM

Stoney and Meatloaf..Every Thing Under The Sun drops today.

Wish us luck gang. Been a long time coming. All you arm chair producers out there that buy the package, please give me a review on your thoughts of the CDs.
Today 08:31 PM

Question re: Dinah Temptations and Cindy Bobby Darin.

Someone will have the answer to my question. I was struck by how similar in feel are Dinah by The Temptations from Lost & Found and Cindy by Bobby Darin. [[And Bobby Darin The Devil Must Be Beating His Wife). All written and produced by Smokey. The guitars, the percussion, the arrangements seem very similar. So my question is: What are the dates of these music tracks recordings? [[ It maybe that vocals were added at a later date). I have a hunch they were on the same day or very close. Anyone? Mike


Ralph Terrana

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