Today 07:04 PM

Soul Men!

I was thinking today about all the great Soul male vocalists from the 50s- 80s I grew up listening to. Here are a few of my favorites I want to remember here. In no special order:

Today 08:09 PM

New 2-CD sets Exclusive to HMV

Two budget releases exclusive to HMV released today at 3.99 each. Both are 2-CD sets titled "All The Greats"

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Today 07:58 PM

That's How It Is (Since You've Been Gone) - Marvelettes??

Hi guys,
Hoping someone can confirm for me...
I've been listening to Marvin & Tammi this morning and upon listening to "That's How It Is (Since You've Been Gone)", I seem to have a version by the Marvelettes, with Wanda on lead, stuck in my head. However, I can't seem to find their version. I could have sworn I remember hearing a Marvelettes version of this song? Or am I just going out of my head? :)

I remember that there is a Tammi solo version on her 2 CD set, so maybe I am getting mixed up with that version.
Today 08:17 PM

Motown Pensions and Stock Options

Did any Motown employee,employed greater than 10 years, get a pension or stock options?
Today 05:14 PM
Today 07:45 PM

Al Kent at Motown

On the Ace Fantastic Four Lost Album CD a few songs were produced by Al Kent.
On The Brighter Side Of A Blue World
It Keeps Raining Down Tears (?)
I've Found My Goal
In A Bad Way

What other work did he do at Motown?


Ralph Terrana

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