Today 12:06 PM

Motowniest Non Motown Song?

What non Motown label song do you think sounds most like a Motown Song?

Covers of Motown songs donít count

I would say Cool Jerk by the Capitols but if I remember right wasnít it all Funk Brothers playing on it? Which to me would disqualify it

I always thought that Karma Chameleon by Boy George had a Motownesque feel to it

When the Motown sound became a phenomenon a lot of labels and artists tried to emulate it

Who do you think did it the best?
Today 01:49 PM

Birthday greetings to....

The great Smokey Robinson, who turns 79 years old today. Many thanks for your great contributions to Motown! :D

Also, today would have been the birthdays of two other Motown alums, Bobby Rogers of the Miracles and publicist Al Abrams.
Today 03:06 AM

the MOST incredible thing on radio is happening NOW!

We have a local radio station, a low-power FM station. Not the strongest signal, in fact, it's so fickle, if you're outside of its range, you literally have to be sure your car is pointed in the right direction to pick it up! It is truly a local affair with the programming being done by what I believe are people who went in and said they had an idea for a show and were given a slot. When those shows aren't on, there is automated music, and this is what is blowing my mind.

Liz Lands- Midnight Johnny
Marvin Gaye- Wherever I Lay My Hat That's My Home
The Originals- I'm Someone Who Cares
Soupy Sales- Green Grow The Lilacs
The Supremes- Run, Run, Run
David Ruffin- I Pray Everyday You Won't Regret Loving Me
The Temptations- Smooth Sailing From Now On
Four Tops- Something About You
Bob Kayli- Tie Me Tight
Eddie Holland- Darling I Hum Our Song
Brenda Holloway- Every Little Bit Hurts
And Others

This station has included in its automation mix a LOT of Motown. Obscure Motown, B-sides Motown, 70's Motown. I'm thinking they loaded ALL of the Complete Motown Singles sets and then quite a few other things. So, slotted in between Jazz, Country, 80's, Dinah Shore, and anything else, listeners are getting a heavy dose of Motown that I've NEVER heard anywhere else. In fact, they're playing Motown things even I didn't know existed. Someone there obviously loves Motown and loves it like only an insane fan could. They have an online player which is great because now I can play it through my phone at work. Here is the link if anyone wants to check it out.


Now they're playing the Four Tops' You Keep Running Away! What is even better is that every song, including non-hits SOUND like hits with the station's compression. And you get to hear every last second of the fade out as there is no DJ talking over the songs' endings. I wrote them about how impressed and appreciative I was for what they're doing. If you can, check them out. WRLR 98.3 Round Lake IL.


Ralph Terrana

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