Today 06:04 PM

Any Stax experts.here?

I hope a Stax expert can help me out here.
I'm aware of the split with Atlantic, and the situation whereby Stax 'lost' all their masters up to early 1968.
I believe that Stax still retained all unissued recordings( including alternate versions) from prior to 1968.
I believe it was quite a number of years later that pre 68 ( blue Stax) and post 68 ( Yellow Stax) were issued together on compilations due to record companies merging /licenceing etc.

But I was thrown by a 1969 LP of Eddie Floyd "Rare Stamps" on Yellow Stax which features a lot of Blue Stax ( pre the 68 Split) that Stax no longer owned.
So...is "Rare Stamps" made up of alternate versions of tracks such as "Knock on wood" , " Big Bird", " Raise your hand" etc???
Not the masters owned by Atlantic and unavailable to Stax for releasing.

Today 04:04 PM

Angela BOFILL?!???

Here we go again, yall...Ive yet to hear this from a reputable source, but can anyone confirm what happened this morning? Tributes are pouring in on my Instagram feed...
10-22-2020 12:09 AM

Marv davis rip

I received the news from forum member Bill Staiger who was able to find the information. Some had a hard time with the guy and others, like myself, were quite fond of him. he was a major contributor to the forum and his offerings will be missed. When I had a book signing date at Motown, He flew in from New York to be there with me. I will miss you and your friendship Marv.
Today 06:55 AM

Chaka Khan - Demure, as always!!

Love 'ya, Chaka, but ... Well, we can't say you're dishonest! Love the Live lp, btw. You've still got it!

10-16-2020 08:04 AM


Ralph Terrana

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