Today 12:37 PM

Jr. Walker & the All Stars Motown 70's output

3 Cd Box Set (1970's Motown Studio Albums) coming late May from Cherry Red Records (U.K.)
Today 12:54 PM
Yesterday 11:52 AM

Complete Motown CDs

Over the next few days ...and weeks ...I hope to post every notable Motown CD release ...released since the 1980's ...not knowingly including any bootlegs ...but including some Motown artists' post-Motown releases …and Motown related CD releases ...and VHS & DVD releases...enjoy

...starting with 1990 and the 1980s ...Part 1

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Today 01:14 PM

The story behind "it's raining men"

I was listening to Jimmy Jam's radio show on Sirius radio and Paul Shaffer was the special guest. He talked about writing the song "It's Raining Men" with Paul Jabara for Donna Summer. Donna had recently become a born again Christian and not only did she not like the song, she was appalled by the "Hallelujah" reference. Soooo they took the song to Diana Ross and she turned it down. Then they took it to Barbara Streisand and she thought that it was a silly song. Next they took the song to Cher and she said no go. Jabara knew that they had a hit but Shaffer wasn't so sure. Jabara remembered Two Tons of Fun and the powerhouse voice of Martha Wash and reached out to them to record the song as The Weather Girls and the rest is musical history.
Today 10:22 AM

J5 and Dancing Machine - what happened?

seems like the J5 started to struggle with their songs in late 71. After Never Can Say Goodbye, the majority of the following songs only did (relatively) so-so on the charts. Top 40 yes, but mostly in the lower 20s.

And then they rebounded with Dancing Machine - a great track and really helped update their sound and style.

So what happened after that? why did the following singles fall off again?
Yesterday 07:42 PM

Rhodes, Chalmers and Rhodes

I know that this is not Motown related per se, but since Motown released some of Al Green's material on CD, I hope this post gets a pass.

The background vocal done by Rhodes, Chalmers and Rhodes were, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic. For the longest time, I assumed they were black. I was taken by surprise that they are, indeed, white.

I'd like to see a piece done about them.


Ralph Terrana

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