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(come Ďround here) iím the one you need question

i know 1966 was an extraordinarily busy year for holland/dozier/holland. they wrote a varietyof hits: reach out & standing in the shadows for the tops, my world is empty and you canít hurry love for the supremes ... plus hits for the isley bros, jr. walker, the elgins, just to name the tip of the iceberg.
what i want to know is how they came about to write the rocker ď(come Ďround here) iím the one you needĒ for the miracles. the song sounds tailor made for levi and the tops and it seems as if they would have been screaming to record it! i can even imagine the supremes taking a stab at it. considering how few songs h/d/h wrote for smokey and how prolific smokey was on his own, iíve always been perplexed how this collaboration came about. it is one damn fine tune and smokey and the miracles sing their hearts out ... but does anyone know the story about how these two powerhous teams got together? iíd love to know! thanks
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Motown's Most Successful Singles From Motion Pictures ?

I count five of them from Motown that made The Top 100 rock era songs (up to 1991) for movies based on their Billboard Hot 100 chart performance.

The list from the book, HOTTEST HOT 100 HITS, has some guidelines.
Not just any song used in a movie counts. The song has to be derived for the movie specifically, not simply an inserted oldie or popular tune. Nothing from BIG CHILL.
An older song qualifies though if the version used in the movie was created for it , as in LA BAMBA as performed by Los Lobos for the Ritchie Valens film biography.
A cover version of a song from a movie doesn't count ( Meco's STAR WARS ).
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK was used in BLACK BOARD JUNGLE and became a hit because of it , but it wasn't written for use in the movie: doesn't count.

Motown's contributions are :

_________________________ ?????



at #45 by proxy, is Motown alumnus Norman Whitfield's CAR WASH by Rose Royce :

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Kim Weston - He's Alright

I'm listening to the Motortown Revue Vol. 2 tonight. I'm enjoying He's Alright by Kim Weston and wonder if there was ever a studio version of the song.

I noticed that the song has a Jobete copyright. I also looked at her 2-CD anthology and don't see the song there.

I just thought it curious that such a great song wasn't recorded in the studio, but was performed on the tour.
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R.I.P Miss Ray

I'm very surprised nobody on the Forum paid hommage to Miss Ray who passed away on November 11th 2016 ... Her book was a real pleasure to read and full of information on the beginnings of Motown.


Ralph Terrana

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