Today 05:58 PM

Hattie Littles

Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I am astounded by the quality of MU62: Girls, especially the Hattie Littles cuts.

Anyone know why she didn't get more singles released during her motown [[gordy) tenure?

IMO enough material for a decent album, and better than some similar releases of the period....
Today 03:36 PM

wrong thread oops

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03-02-2021 09:44 AM

Songs with dances in the title

Mickey's Monkey
Twistin' Postman
Come On Do the Jerk
Can You Jerk Like Me?

All of the above songs were original compositions released on various Motown labels, and all contain the names of dances.

I know there are more. Can you name more songs released by Motown that contain the names of dances that are NOT covers?
Today 12:45 PM

Kiki Dee "Fontana & Motown"

Did anybody purchase this item? The only track that I was interested in was "Walk On By" mix two, and is it any very different from the track we already have. The prices being asked are ridiculous as I don`t care for her non Motown work.
Yesterday 07:36 AM

Were some of Motown's recordings too advanced for radio at the time?

Listening to the recently released Carolyn Crawford song, "Lover Boy", once again, I feel this jaw-dropping marvel at the sheer volume of high-quality songs that not only were unreleased, but never even reused on other artists. You really have to appreciate it when you read from the writers how Motown encouraged creativity and taking chances.

Something like "Lover Boy", to me, is so beautiful. I do understand there was literally so much recording going on, no way all of them could come out, but was this, like some other Motown recordings, too advance for the time?


Ralph Terrana

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