Today 04:56 PM

Who Played Bass in Tammi's "I Can't Believe You Love Me"?

Very curious about this Tammi Terrell track because the bass on this track is really funky! Especially the parts where it's just Tammi and the bass! So great.
Today 04:30 PM

Maxine Powell. On Tammii Terrell

Was doing a little online research on my girl Tammi and found an article on Maxine Powell. In the article she stated that Tammi lived in a "fantasy" world. I take that to mean that maybe Mrs Powell thought maybe that Tammi's goals & dreams were fantasy's? She didn't elaborate...I don't know how to cut & paste the article here
Today 12:45 PM

Pointer Sisters Best Ballad?

'Where Did The Time Go' from the album 'Special Things' has my vote. You?

Today 09:32 AM

Unreleased Motown 1970 Wish List

I'm just thinking and now wishing out loud about what I would love to see on Unreleased Motown 1970. I know we're a few months out, but if the producers of this series happen to read this, here's my wish list of artists I'd like to hear from:

Stevie Wonder
Rose Batiste
Jean & The Supremes
Diana Ross - live tracks from her first solo concert
Rare Earth
The Hearts of Stone
Yvonne Fair
Valerie Simpson

Who would everybody else like to see on the next release?
Yesterday 06:13 PM

Would Motown Have Happened Under Socialism??

.... just a notion to ponder over. :confused:
Today 04:37 PM

Has Anyone Here Met Tammi Terrell?

Would love to see members share memories of meeting Tammi here!


Ralph Terrana

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