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Ace UK and Real Gone Music - Any New Motown-Related Product Ever Coming? Ever?

Anyone in the know: Does Ace UK have any Motown material CDs in the pipeline? Motown Girls/Men? Anything?

Admittedly, part of me thinks that the lack of releases directly by Universal has trickled down to Ace UK and Real Gone Music. Someone please tell me I'm wrong and things are planned for release in what remains of 2023 or starting in 2024?

We've been so lucky for the last 10+ years to have a fairly steady schedule of releases from Universal, Ace UK, and Real Gone Music. Now, it feels like the whole Motown market is considered dead. The way releases have generally stopped in the last few years reminds me of the early-to-mid '90s when it seemed NOTHING Motown was being released. Plus, back then, the internet wasn't really used for marketing the way it is/can be today. It's been a weird feeling not having several upcoming Motown releases on my online wishlist. My bank account may be healthier for it, but my music-loving soul sure feels sad without any upcoming releases to anticipate.
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Tina Turner "Queen Of Rock 'N' Roll" 3CD box set [11/24/2023-Parlophone]

To celebrate 50 years since the start of Tina Turner’s iconic solo career, ‘Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is a huge compilation of 55 tracks that compiles an incredible anthology of Tina’s legendary solo career through her singles. This is the first time Tina’s complete singles collection has been released as one set, from Tina's cover of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in 1975 all the way up to the Kygo remix of ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ in 2020. This set includes a brand-new version of ‘Something Beautiful Remains’, reworked by legendary producer and long-time collaborator of Tina, Terry Britten, retitled to ‘Something Beautiful’.

1. Whole Lotta Love
2. Acid Queen
3. Root, Toot Undisputable Rock 'N Roller
4. Viva La Money
5. Sometimes When We Touch
6. Music Keeps Me Dancin'
7. Let's Stay Together
8. Help
9. What's Love Got To Do With It
10. Better Be Good To Me
11. Private Dancer
12. I Can't Stand The Rain
13. Show Some Respect
14. We Don't Need Another Hero [Thunderdome]
15. One Of The Living
16. It's Only Love [feat. Bryan Adams]
17. Typical Male
18. Two People
19. What You Get Is What You See
20. Girls

1. Break Every Rule
2. Paradise Is Here
3. Afterglow
4. Tearing Us Apart [feat. Eric Clapton]
5. Addicted To Love [Live at Camden Palace, London]
6. A Change Is Gonna Come [Live]
7. Tonight [with David Bowie] [Live at NEC, Birmingham]
8. River Deep, Mountain High [Live in Europe]
9. The Best
10. Steamy Windows
11. I Don't Wanna Lose You
12. Look Me In The Heart
13. Foreign Affair
14. Be Tender With Me Baby
15. It Takes Two [Rod Stewart with Tina Turner]
16. Nutbush City Limits [The 90's Version]
17. Love Thing
18. Way Of The World

1. I Want You Near Me
2. I Don't Wanna Fight
3. Disco Inferno
4. Why Must We Wait Until Tonight?
5. Proud Mary [Edit]
6. Goldeneye
7. Whatever You Want [Alternative Mix]
8. On Silent Wings [Single Edit]
9. Missing You [Single Edit]
10. In Your Wildest Dreams [feat. Barry White]
11. Cose Della Vita [Eros Ramazzotti with Tina Turner]
12. When The Heartache Is Over
13. Whatever You Need
14. Open Arms
15. Teach Me Again
16. What's Love Got To Do With It [Kygo Remix]
17. Something Beautiful [2023 Version]

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Amazon UK

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New CD - Dave Hamilton - Blue Vibrations - Former Workshop Jazz Release

Released on 29 September 2023 on mini-LP CD is Dave Hamilton's "Blue Horizons" album with 2 bonus tracks.

The album was originally released as Workshop Jazz 206 but the new CD is on the Oldays label and as usual there has been a revision of the cover art due to copyright reasons. The CD has started to be advertised on EBay.


9.SHOOP DOOP [[Bonus Track)
10.BLUE FUNK [[Bonus Track)

I expect this will all be in mono as it's not known whether the original album was ever issued in stereo.

Link for CD Japan
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Bobby Darin - Motown Years 1970 to 1973

In the late 60s and early 70s Motown signed several well established acts but then sort of took their eye off the ball resulting in frustration. True that a lot was happening at once with the move to LA and entering the film industry with "Lady Sings The Blues". Nevertheless there were some fantastic tracks from artists such as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Bobby Darin and to a lesser extent Sammy Davis Jr and Lesley Gore.

Thankfully, in the case of Bobby Darin, material that had long been vaulted has been made available over the years - mainly thanks to Joe Marchesse & co [[e.g. Andy Skurrow) who've made it possible for these tracks to see release on CD. The Real Gone CDs have wonderful liner notes as well and are well worth looking up. In particular, "Another Song On My Mind" includes a great resume of Darin's Motown career - much of this can still be seen on the Real Gone website -


You can see the full CD artwork here -


And here are the covers for Darin's Motown albums / CDs


Please advise of any errors


Recorded - 6 February 1971 Live at The Desert Inn [[Renamed “Finally” but still unreleased at the time)

M1183 – 17 April 1971
A Melodie
B Someday We'll Be Together

M1193 – November 1971
A Simple Song Of Freedom
B I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

M1203 – 2 June 1972
A Sail Away
B Hard Headed Woman

M753 ALBUM AUGUST 1972 – Bobby Darin

M1212 – Promo 3 November 1972 [[withdrawn)
A Average People [[mono)
B Average People [[stereo)

M1212 – 3 November 1972 [[probably a bootleg)
A Average People
B Something In Her Love

M1217 – 20 November 1972
A Happy [[Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues")
B Something In Her Love

Bobby Darin died 20 December 1973

M813 ALBUM February 1974 – Darin 1936-1973

PR4 [[PROMO EP) - 1974
A1 If I Were A Carpenter
A2 Moritat [[Mack The Knife)
B1 Blue Monday
B2 Happy [[Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues")

MW3014 – 1974 [[UK & EU)
A Blue Monday
B Moritat [[Mack The Knife)

M5185 ALBUM July 1981 – Darin 1936–1973 re-issued with 5 tracks having different mixes.

MCD09070MD CD 1987 – Live At The Desert Inn [[first ever issue)

MOTD -5185 CD 1989 – Darin 1936–1973 first issue on CD.

3746351852 CD 1991 – Darin 1936-1973 CD re-issue

NTD-6509-2 CD 2005 – Live At The Desert Inn [[re-issue / remaster / 2 extra tracks “Work Song” and “Beyond The Sea”.

RGM-0440 2xCD 6 May 2016 – Another Song On My Mind [[Real Gone Music)

RGM-0714 CD 13 July 2018 – Go Ahead And Back Up [[Real one Music)
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RIP Bobby Breen

Who knew that this child star of the '30s was once signed to Motown?

Yesterday 01:27 PM

Candi Staton "I'm Just A Prisoner" and "Stand By Your Man" [10/27/2023-Ace UK]

Description for I'm Just A Prisoner-

“I’m Just A Prisoner” was released in 1970 and remains a definitive slice of Southern soul. Recorded at Rick Hall’s legendary FAME studio in Muscle Shoals “I’m Just A Prisoner” pulled together five tracks – ‘I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart [Than A Young Man’s Fool]’, ‘I’m Just A Prisoner [Of Your Good Lovin’]’, ‘Evidence’, ‘You Don’t Love Me No More’ and ‘Sweet Feeling’ - that had appeared as A and B-sides on early singles issued in 1969 and 1970. These were augmented by another five tracks recorded specifically for the album; ‘Someone You Use’, ‘Get It When I Want It’, ‘Do Your Duty’, ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is’ and ‘Another Man’s Woman, Another Woman’s Man’. Like Southern fried chicken, this music is essential food for your ears.

This new CD edition packages this classic like a Japanese mini-LP in a card outer sleeve, coloured inner and contains a booklet featuring a new interview with Candi conducted by Ace Records, Ian Shirley about this magical stage of her career as well as photos from the period.

1. Someone You Use
2. I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart [Than A Young Man's Fool]
3. You Don't Love Me No More
4. Evidence
5. Sweet Feeling
6. Do Your Duty
7. That's How Strong My Love Is
8. I'm Just A Prisoner [Of Your Good Lovin']
9. Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man
10. Get It When I Want It

Amazon USA
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Description for Stand By Your Man-

Released in August 1970, as well as detonating hard and reaching #4 in the US R&B charts, ‘Stand By Your Man’ became a break-through single for Candi Staton, spending 14 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #24 When it came to the follow-up to ‘Stand By Your Man’, the formula was repeated with Candi taking on another country song ‘She Called Me Baby’. This song was written by country singer Harlan Howard and appeared on “Harlan Howard Sings Harlan Howard” released in 1961. It was first drenched in strings and sung from the female perspective as ‘He Called Me Baby’ by Jeanne Newman in 1965 and then, in more soulful form, by Ella Washington, whose version got to #77 in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969. As with Newman and Washington’s versions, Hall dressed the song in strings as well as belting brass. Staton’s definitive southern soul version of ‘He Called Me Baby’ got to #9 in the R&B chart and #52 in the Billboard Hot 100 when released in January 1971.

Both ‘Stand By Your Man’ and ‘He Called Me Baby’ – as well as their flips ‘How Can I Put Out The Flame [When You Keep The Fire Burning]’ and ‘What Would Become Of Me’ – appeared on Staton’s second album “Stand By Your Man”, released at the end of 1970. As with her singles and debut LP, “I’m Just A Prisoner” Capitol’s promotional rodeo ran wild and one advert even included the line, “Stand by your radio. Stand by your racks. Stand by for Candi Staton, a new American singing star.”

“Stand By Your Man” is one of the cornerstones of southern soul. As well as the tracks listed above it features other ear-Candi like ‘Mr and Mrs Untrue’, Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door’ and ‘Sweet Feeling’.

Ace Records are delighted to put it out as a Japanese style "mini-LP" in a delicious card sleeve with gorgeous photo inner along with a sweet booklet with liner notes penned by our captive in house scribe Ian Shirley.

This is one of the greatest soul albums known to Stand-kind. Stand by your CD player or car stereo!

1. Stand By Your Man
2. How Can I Put Out The Flame [When You Keep The Fire Burning]
3. I'm Just A Prisoner [Of Your Good Lovin']
4. Mr And Mrs Untrue
5. Too Hurt To Cry
6. He Called Me Baby
7. Sweet Feeling
8. To Hear You Say You're Mine
9. What Would Become Of Me
10. Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door

Amazon USA
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Ralph Terrana

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