Today 02:59 AM

1971 Grammy Awards Live Performances!

2:02 - The Osmond Brothers
4:58 - Anne Murray
9:19 - Carpenters
12:40 - Aretha Franklin
17:14 - Three Dog Night
20:12 - Dionne Warwick
23:35 - The Fifth Dimension

Today 01:49 AM

Berry Gordy Honored at the 1975 American Music Awards!

This is what I call a personal time capsule moment. I remember watching this when it was originally broadcast on Feb 18, 1975 on our big old color console television! LOL! I thought Berry Gordy Jr. was the greatest at the time. Watch this and remember beginning at 12:25 into this video the tribute starts:

Yesterday 04:15 AM

Complete Motown CDs

Over the next few days ...and weeks ...I hope to post every notable Motown CD release ...released since the 1980's ...not knowingly including any bootlegs ...but including some Motown artists' post-Motown releases …and Motown related CD releases ...and VHS & DVD releases...enjoy

...starting with 1990 and the 1980s ...Part 1

Attachment 15445
Attachment 15446
Attachment 15447
Attachment 15448
Attachment 15449
Attachment 15450
Attachment 15451
Attachment 15452
Attachment 15453
Attachment 15454
Attachment 15455
Attachment 15456

Today 01:40 AM

Reflections (Pre-Golden World release information)

In Al Kent's book, Custodian of the Hummingbird, he told of a pre-Golden World release by the Reflections. He states, ". . . The Reflections got their start at Kayco Records in Detroit with Barry Kay, the president of the newly formed record label. Their first recording was a song called 'Helpless' and on the flip side was 'You Say Goodbye.' Their first release did well in a number of locales, including Chicago, Cleveland, and Baltimore where it deservingly got tremendous airplay and sent the group out on the road. . . ."

This is the first time I ever heard of this pre-GW release. Keith Rylatt's Groovesville USA does not mention the Kayco label in it's list of Detroit labels.

Has anyone heard this record? If someone has it in their collection, I would appreciate seeing a scan of the label.

Thank you.
Yesterday 02:15 PM

The Marvelttes "Destination: Anywhere"

You only get to hear a scant few seconds of it (I'm sure that has to do with liscensing rights) but I've been talking with a guy who was a DJ and he sent me a link to one of his airchecks. The guy PLAYED THE MARVELTTES' "DESTINATION: ANYWHERE" on his show back in the day! So great to hear that this song was getting airplay on the radio back then. P.S. I just heard the Four Tops' "I'm In A Different World" too. The guy has excellent taste!



Ralph Terrana

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