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Temptations Promo release Gordy G-71-B

I recently acquired this promo copy of the Temptations "Impossible Dream" b/w "Born To Love You". It does not appear on the market too often. Mine was the second copy I've seen for sale, and Popsike.com only lists 4 copies selling since 2012.

It seems like an odd pairing to me, of songs recorded essentially 3 years apart with somewhat opposing genres, IMO "easy listening" vs. a more gritty soulful track. Are any members here on the forum able to enlighten me on possibly why this promo was released?
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MEMORIES: The Amazing Life and Untimely Death of the Legendary Dennis Edwards

Attachment 16854Has anyone read the Dennis Edwards bio Memories: The Amazing Life and Untimely Death of the Legendary Dennis Edwards? If so, please share a review. I believe it's written by a family member and you know how that can go.
Yesterday 09:27 PM

Hologram tours.........

Pass me a paper bag quick.

Would you go and see a show with a hologram on stage?

I'm confused. Who is the intended audience for this type of thing?
(Is there something I'm missing or didn't get yet???)
And a dreaded question: ............Is this ''the future''...somehow....?

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Eddie & brian holland on the view tomorrow wed feb 26th

The Holland Brothers are scheduled to be on THE VIEW tomorrow, Feb 26th. They are listed as authors and I presume that they will be discussing the book that was released last fall.

Brian Holland, Edward Holland, and Lamont Dozier, known as Holland-Dozier-Holland or H-D-H, were the greatest songwriting team in American pop music history. Seventy of the songs they wrote reached the Billboard Top 40, with 15 of these reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. No other songwriting team or individual has come close to equaling, let alone surpassing, this record. They’ve been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. As tunesmiths for the legendary Motown Record Corporation, and for their own corporations, Invictus Records and Hot Wax Records, they wrote and produced hits for Diana Ross and the Supremes, including “Baby Love,” “Stop! In the Name of Love,” “Where Did Our Love Go,” “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” “You Can’t Hurry Love,” “I Hear a Symphony,” “Come See About Me,” “Back in My Arms Again” and “Reflections.” Now the legendary composers are ready to reveal the inspirations and stories behind their chart-topping hits, providing millions of fans with the first complete history of their songwriting process, and detail the real-life experiences that led them to write each of their most famous tunes. They will also reveal their creative and intimate relationships with Motown’s biggest stars.

I have my DVR set.
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Last evening at The Roostertail.....


I was fortunate enough to attend this event last night courtesy of the Motown Museum. It was my first time being at the Roostertail and a wonderful evening was had by all. We had a table right up by the stage. I wish Otis could have done a longer Q&A session as I know he has so much to share, but I was grateful for the time we did have with him. The young man portraying David Ruffin does actually resemble him quite a bit. All of the performers from the Broadway group did a fine job.

I had taken an extra copy of The Temptin' Temptations, my favorite Tempts album with the hope Otis was going to stay for the whole event and I would have ample opportunity to ask if he would sign it. He ended up leaving immediately after the Q&A was over, so I rushed out to the car, got the album and waited for Otis to get closer to the door. It was taking him quite a while as so many fans were asking for photos with him, and his entourage was trying to get him to the car. There was a very lovely lady with Otis' group and I said to her I bet it's always difficult to get Otis out of any appearance very quickly. She said it always was. I explained I was at the event courtesy of the Motown Museum and did she think Otis might sign my record for me. She said I think he will. So when Otis finally got to her she told him I was a member of the museum and I asked Otis to sign my record and he said absolutely. I ended up getting the only autograph of the night, and a minute with Otis. I thanked him for his part in the Motown story and for taking the time to sign, shook his hand and he was gone. I'm glad I had the chance to do so, it will be another experience I won't forget. I also went up on the Roostertail stage as the event was winding down and stood there for a minute, thinking of all the talent that had graced the stage all those years ago. For some reason I thought of Tammi Terrell most.

It was a great perk for being a member of the Motown Museum. If you don't already support them, please do!

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Ralph Terrana

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