Yesterday 05:01 PM

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Black Magic Cover


Does anyone here happen to have a high-resolution scan of the Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Black Magic cover?

I was hoping to make a t-shirt of that album cover. I haven't been able to find a decent scan anywhere and my LP copy is a bit worn.

Today 05:40 AM

Lamont Dozier R.I.P.

It's being reported that Lamont Dozier has passed ... awful if true ...
Anyone here confirm this news ?Attachment 19815
Yesterday 09:31 AM

Stoney and Meatloaf..Every Thing Under The Sun drops today.

Wish us luck gang. Been a long time coming. All you arm chair producers out there that buy the package, please give me a review on your thoughts of the CDs.
Yesterday 06:55 PM

Club At The End Of The Street - Elton John

Just thought I'd share this Elton John track I’ve been enjoying lately…

I thought it had something of the Motown sound about it, not to mention the Marvin Gaye reference… :D
Today 03:23 AM

Fantastic Four - "You Gave Me Something [[And Everything's Alright)"

I understand this was a reasonably sized hit in the USA on the Ric Tic label. That being the case, I wonder slightly why Motown didn't make more of a show of it by featuring it on hits packages for example, back in the day.

Come to think of it, Motown USA didn't seem to make that much of Edwin Starr's "Stop Her On Sight [[SOS)" either.

Granted the tracks featured on the Fantastic Four album and Edwin's "Soul Master" respectively. But in the UK SOS also showed up on Motown Chartbusters Volume 3 - even though at that time it had only been released on Polydor and not Tamla Motown as a single.

Also, the Fantastic Four's "The Whole World Is A Stage" featured on the UK 16 Big Hits Volume 7 album. I think the Ric Tic catalogue fared better in the UK than in the USA over the years.

Today 03:51 AM

Syreeta LP's Question

Does anyone know the reasoning why Syreeta's first three albums were released under MoWest, Motown, and Tamla respectively?


Ralph Terrana

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