Today 10:02 PM

Paul Williams, Jr. has had enough

Paul Williams, Jr. of the Dennis Edwards Revue announced the following on 2/10/2020: As Of Feb. 2nd myself and Mike Pattillo are no longer with Dennis Edwards temptation revue. Due to very bad management and conflict of interest.

Today 08:24 PM

Ja'net Dubois Has Passed

She passed in her sleep this morning. If I hear anything else, I'll share.
Today 08:26 PM

“Love Child” by the Blackberries

Reading the liner notes to "A Cellarful of Motown” vol. 4, I see that there is an 8 minute version of “Love Child” by the Blackberries in the vault.
Is anyone familiar with this recording? Has anyone heard it?
Today 07:31 PM

Post-Curtis Impressions and Their Public

Curtis left the Impressions literally months before I began following music. In the first months of his solo career I most likely thought he was always a solo act ... learned better soon!! I'm wondering what more committed at-the-time fans thought of the Impressions' post-Curtis work; not chart success, which anyone can find on that 'web' thing, but rather on-the-street opinions about Impressions 'solo' work?


Ralph Terrana

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