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09-28-2010, 10:47 AM
Hi All,

My friend in Florida, is disposing of over 10,000 records from his personal collection started on the mid sixties. He DJ'd for a short while and collected these records from all over the U.S. up till about 1980. So far we are up to Sales List #6. Each list is in PDF format with about 30 records, and all his records are virtually mint, stored in a private room in his large retirement home and fully air-conditioned (non-smoking environment).

There are over 1,000 pulled items already and they come as they were found in no particular preference for price or artist. Each list has a mixture of items - some you will find useful as replacements and others may be a collectible opportunity for you. I have personally inspected each item offered and will vouch for condition. They are all listed with "Asking Prices" so we are open to offers on everything. If you have 'Want's Lists' we also encourage you to send us those and that way you may snag something before it makes a published listing.

Please feel free to add other people you know to my address collection for future mailings. The lists will only be sent to people who add their e-mail address by replying to me and I will NOT fill SoulFul Detroit with a bunch of future posts about records for sale.

In advance of receiving the Sales Lists here are a few items for clearance by me, personally. A couple are from his collection that I bought as a job lot when I first went there (not knowing that he'd ask me to help sell his items), and ended up with duplicates, some others are my spares. Those items I offer (as distinct from my friends') may be up for a swap or trade if you feel you have something to move on.

Best wishes and thanks for your interest, and message/mail me if you'd like to receive the Sales Lists.

KTF, Jan


Hurry And Come Home - Jimmy Thomas (Sue) $ 39.50
Under Your Powerful Love - Joe Tex (Dial) $35.00
Better Tell Him No - Starlets (Maxine Edwards on lead) $ 39.00
With My Love An What You've Got - Jean Wells (Calla c-152) $45.00
Billy Sunshine - Evie Sands (Parkway) $$39.00
My Girl Jean - Sharpees (One-derful) $ $35.00
Hey Boy - Kitty Montgomery (Sanns) $ $32.50
If You Decide - Bull & the matadors (Toddlin Town) $ 35.00
Right On - Barbara & Gwen (New Chicago Sound) $ 69.00
Cowboys To Girls - Ripples (Apache) $75.00
Previously Offered:
Across The Street - Lenny O'Henry (Atco) G Scuffs/Felt Pen writing on label $7.50
It's Everything About You - Lee Wiliams (Carnival) Mint $ 55.00
That's How Much - Tommy Tucker (Festival - muti color) Mint $65.00
Chills And Fever - Ronnie Love (Dot) VG++ $19.00
Contours - Just A Little Misunderstanding (Gordy) VG light Scuffs ($5.00
Aretha Franklin - A Brand New Me (Atlantic Promo) G Light Scuffs $3.50
Little Darling - Marvin Gaye (Tamla) G $2.50
I Do - Mighty Marvellows (ABC) VG- $4.50
That's What I Want To Know - James Carr (Flashback reissue) Mint $3.00
Hurt So Bad - Philly Devotions (CBS) VG $5.50
The Duck - Jackie Lee (Mirwood purple label) G $2.50
A Stop Along The Way - Timothy Carr (Hot Biscuit) VG Light Scuffs $3.50
I've Been Hurt - Tams (ABC Radio Station Copy) VG Light Scuffs $4.50
Hide Nor Hair - Ray Charles (ABC) G Light Scuffs $5.50

Please Remember these records above are NOT part of the OFFICIAL SALES LIST of my friend, just a few extra items while tidying up!

mark speck
09-28-2010, 08:54 PM
Hey Jan, glad you finally made it over here!!



09-29-2010, 10:11 AM
Thanks Mark - are you going to the New York shindig next weekend?

Best jan

mark speck
09-29-2010, 08:39 PM
Afraid not...I don't have the cash. Someday though...