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It's better to buy your music and support the artists and writers.

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Yes, I agree, and I think you'll find I do! :rolleyes:




11-06-2012, 05:26 AM
I repair computers. Limewire and Zippyshare are good ways to infect your computer. Every time I repair one, I find one of these programs on it.

Thes programs are not harmful in and of themselves, but people wind up downloading malware and screwy games with them, or the malware is piggybacked on them.

When most users load up one of these programs, which are used for copyright infringement, they do not bother to read the questions asking them to agree to install questionable programs that are checked by default. That's how they get on the machine: the user gets annoyed by all the questions and just repeatedly clicks "yes" or "OK" without even reading the boxes because they are too impatient to get busy downloading.

Just a heads-up, at the end of the month, five major ISPs will start monitoring their users internet browsing and downloading. Sure, it's a questionable and possibly illegal thing that they are doing with the urging of the RIAA and MPAA, and other content providers, but they are. The ISPs will suspend, terminate services, or throttle it's users if they find they may have been uploading or downloading copyrighted material. The "independent" company that will actually do this spying is owned by a former lobbyist for the RIAA. What's worse, is that the ISPs have been collecting IP addresses on anyone they determine has been engaging in copyright infringement, and if the government wants that information, they are obligated in most countries to turn it over to them. With the record companies and movie studios lobbying for tougher laws and suing individuals, who knows what who will do with all that data!

Tread carefully!