View Full Version : Everybody dance - Lydia Marcelle Atco 1965


09-06-2010, 01:09 PM
I read "mrlonleyhearts" question in your June Forum this year about Lydia Marcelle and what she looked like. He might be intersted to know I wrote three songs for Lydia that were produced and arranged by Harold Battiste Jr. of Sony & Cher fame [[and numerous more demos) when Lydia was signed to United Artists. Unfortunately, these great recordings were never released. As Wardell Quezergue, the producer/arranger of "Everybody Dance" says today, "It was an unbelievable crime these songs weren't released" [[another story) he added, "Lydia's voice blew everyone else out of the water." The good news is I recently re-connected with Lydia, and she is putting together a knock-out website that should be up and running as soon as she finishes recording some new material for an upcoming album. If you're a fan, get ready for a really "heady" experience. Lydia is more dynamic than ever and her voice is more awesome than ever. Gorgeous looking, with red hair, freckles and a fair Irish & European complexion, her time has finally come!