View Full Version : Tammi & Marvin's Influence


09-05-2010, 09:04 PM
Marvin & Tammi's influence continues to thrive through the creativity of other artists. First, I recall back in about 1969 that Bunny Sigler & Cindy Scott [[aka Sundray Tucker) scored a local hit in Philly called "We're Only Human". Altho it was a bit "no frills" production-wise, it still featured cool vocals and was nice enough to make me think at, first, that it was a new M&T single.

Next, about a year ago I posted the following link of Agnes Carlsson & Erik Hassle singing an M&T classic. I had just stumbled upon it and had never heard of the two. Now I was surfing again and stumbled upon the same video today. I'm happy to see that the two talents are international stars now, with Agnes even going on to win the Swedish Idol contest. The M&T song appears on the UK version of her debut CD!


Now, I'm excited that Fantasia's critically acclaimed new CD contains a super-strong cut featuring a sample of yet another M&T classic with a re-worked melody line. A sure-fire hit called "Collard Greens & Cornbread" that is already getting airplay and should be her next single! I've met Fantasia on a couple of occasions. She's a sweet little girl who deserves a happy life. I spoke of Tammi Terrell to her and now I'm thrilled that she has a Tammi connection!


I think it's obvious that TammiTerrell deserves R&R Hall of Fame recognition SOON!