View Full Version : Stevie's "Superstition" footage question


08-26-2010, 10:58 PM
In around '97 I put together a 30 min tv show on Motown for a now defunct music channel called Max tv - I was interviewed by a great dj and musician called Peter Urlich on the clips I provided for the show,One was a Stevie clip for Superstition and if anyone can provide info on its origin I would greatly appreciate it -Stevie is singing and the film has been made an orange colour it was mixed with footage of various people and their religions and beliefs..Im interested in finding out what show the footage came from..it was a great clip that I sadly cant find in my library anymore..to me it looked like Stevie was on The Hollywood Palace stage but hadnt that tv show finished by the time of "Superstition"? any clues or info would be greatly appreciated. cheers