View Full Version : How in the world did this miss...?


08-25-2010, 01:38 PM
Hey gang,this is always a fun topic and one that bugs me as well,have you ever wondered what were some producers and the listening public in general thinking when some wonderful songs missed being hits...i'm still waiting[patti labelle & the blubelles-1966]how in the world did this beauty not make it,one of the greatest songs ever written by curtis mayfield but it sank almost without a trace what a shame...gotta give her love[the volumes-1964]what a great song but no gold...the tears[the supremes-1961]maybe berry didn't like this one but he missed on what i call a female doo-wop classic...i need to be needed[steve macha-1966]the producers released the wrong side...is it too early[the fawns-1968]one of the cutest songs ever but no go...i ain't got the love[the ambassadors-1969]this one is soulful enough but the critics hated it,what do they know...only a fool[clyde mcphatter-1969]maybe clyde was near the end but what a great song...!!