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08-13-2010, 12:50 PM
I know Martha has been touring the globe with her Vandellas (I saw them about a year ago and honestly thought they were fantastic, especially Lois) and I know Roz and Nettie work with Tonya (Tanya?) and tour as the "Original Vandellas", but am wondering: does anyone know why Martha doesn't tour with the originals? I'm guessing it's for financial reasons (?) but how many groups can you think of (besides the Velvelettes) that have all of the original members still working? It would seem that Martha would be able to get more $$$$$ if working with Roz and Nettie?

And since I'm on a Martha, Roz, Nettie kick; does anyone know who owns the name Vandellas? How is it possible that two competing groups are out there? Can Martha call anyone she wants a Vandella, as Delphine, to my knowledge, was never "signed" as a Vandella. I'm just curious to know how that works?

I wish we could see more of Roz and Nettie. They both seem to be lovely ladies.

08-13-2010, 02:48 PM
I always assumed that Martha wasn't touring with Rosalind and Annette anymore because of "conflicts" between them...but I guess it's never good to assume. To me, it's always seemed like the three of them have had an on and off relationship throughout the years. One moment they would be touring together, another moment they wouldn't.

I don't think "Vandellas" is a trademark like the name "Supremes". Not that I know of. It's funny because you've never seen any fake Vandellas groups out there like there have been for The Supremes and The Marvelettes. I'm sure that's probably because the originals are still touring as the Vandellas. I laugh when I hear the story about what took place at the Girl Group Stamps ceremony a few years ago. Supposedly some girls took the stage, performing some of Martha & the Vandellas' hits, as a sort of tribute. Martha was there and got up on the stage and told them to stop the music and get off. lol. I'm not sure if this is true? I know there's a video of the Girl Group Stamps ceremony...so I'm wondering if this is on there??

MaryBrewster, I recommend reading Martha's book, "Dancing In the Streets", if you haven't read it already. I think she talks a little bit about these things, including her attitude towards "her Vandellas". It's interesting when you compare a group like The Supremes to Martha & the Vandellas. The dynamics of the groups were and are very different. With The Supremes, it started as three distinct personalities...three individuals. With the Vandellas, it was always Martha and HER Vandellas. I think she's explained this in her book. So she can pretty much fire and hire whoever she wants...lol. That was always the vibe I got. But of course, to the fans, the Vandellas have their own individual identities as well. That's why so many of us know them by name and love them for who they are.

08-13-2010, 03:37 PM
When Martha appeared on the 90s tv show MIKE AND MATY, she mentioned that there was a fake Martha and the Vandellas working on the West Coast. Not sure how long that went on.

Re the Girl Groups ceremony, it is true. The band that was backing up all of the honorees started playing DANCING IN THE STREET. While the band's vocalists were singing, Martha stormed on stage, started talking and gesturing at the vocalists, then stormed back off. Not long afterward, Mary Wilson came on stage and asked the band to stop, explaining that you should never perform someone else's songs if they are also on the bill.

Supposedly it took a lot of convincing by Mary and others for Martha to return and perform. When she did return, she said "I have a tape so I don't want the band to play NOTHING." Then she, Roz, and Annette proceeded to do one of the best versions of DANCING IN THE STREET that I've heard in recent years.

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You love treading the "motown taboo subject tightrope". Mind you don't fall, cos you'll be eaten by the animals!!


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You love treading the "motown taboo subject tightrope". Mind you don't fall, cos you'll be eaten by the animals!!


lol!! Don't worry, I can handle it. I eat "these animals" for breakfast!! :cool::p