View Full Version : End of Year 2010 Soul Poll


12-03-2010, 07:34 AM
In association with our friends at Motown Treasures ...for a change ...and hopefully not upsetting our die-hard Motown fans ...I thought a non-Motown Poll ...would make a stimulating change...

...so this year I'm asking for your all-time TOP 10 Favourite [[non-Motown) Soul tracks ...the 10 most soulful tracks you would treasure to eternity...

...here's my fave 10

1. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know - Donny Hathaway
2. Home Is Where The Hatred Is - Esther Phillips
3. Come Live With Me - Ray Charles
4. Soulville - Isaac Hayes
5. Mr Magic - Wilson Pickett
6. Make Sure [[You Have Someone Who Loves You) - The Dells
7. Color Him Father - The Winstons
8. How's Your New Love Treating You - The Debonaires
9. Ain't It Funky Now - James Brown
10. Maggie - Johnny Williams

...that was hard!

Please can I have your TOP 10 ....results on or around the the New Year

Grape :)