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  1. What if Barbara Martin had stayed?
  2. Ross at 54
  3. Greatest Hits - the filler
  4. Supremely Yours II update
  5. DIANA ROSS' Incredible Show in Ottawa at the NAC Gala!
  6. Is Miss Ross Making a Political Comment?
  7. Dream Supreme Projects
  8. The Return to Motown Years
  9. Diana the Blues Diva? Who Knew?
  10. Jazz Corner: Mary Wilson Makes Her Cafe Carlyle Debut!
  11. Up The Ladder to the Roof slowed down.
  12. Did JOAN CRAWFORD Make It Into LADY SINGS THE BLUES? [[I'm Just Asking )
  13. Additional photos of Supremes in Hamburg
  14. The Truth About Singer Mary Wilson.
  15. Promises Kept and Dynamite
  16. Supremes homage in 80s canned beef stew commercial
  17. Touch Me in the Morning slowed down
  18. Nile Rodger and Chic's "Queen" and Diana Ross
  19. Tracee Ellis Ross
  20. The Unofficial All-Purpose "Baby Love" Discussion Thread
  21. Mary Wilson: June 13, 1977 - August 27, 1979
  22. Motown The Musical's Supremes Celebrate
  23. A Change Is Gonna Come and Bring It On Home To Me.
  24. If you let me baby the Supremes
  25. Supremes full appearance on Tonight show 1967
  26. scherrie Payne live
  27. Diana Ross scary eyes/faces collection
  28. Scherrie and Susaye UK Tour Dates
  29. Supremes on a boat!
  30. The Supremes - You Are The Heart Of Me [[Slowed Down)
  31. 10/22/1966: Supremes the first all-female music group to attain a No. 1 LP
  32. Scherrie Payne Awarded as Legendary Artist and Cancer Survivor
  33. Diana Ross & The Supremes & Dusty Springfield
  34. Diana Ross Back in the News
  35. DVD The Wiz & The Wiz Live 40th Anniversary
  36. Let Somebody Know
  37. Former Ladies of The Supremes 1992 Jean Terrell, Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence
  38. Supremes - Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love [[Uptempo Version)
  39. 55 Years Ago This Week - October 31, 1963
  40. Mary Wilson in Laconia
  41. Detroit News: Diana Ross Through the Years
  42. Mosogotam/John Perrone: "Where Do I Go From Here?"
  43. Mary Wilson performing “Here’s to Life” a capella October 2018!
  44. Diana Ross Documentary 2019
  45. Debbie Sharpe's Supreme Show!
  46. Rock Legends: Diana Ross & The Supremes on AXS TV 11/6/2018 8PM
  47. Ro Black / Cindy Birdsong: In the Name of Love
  48. Soul Music Blog
  49. A supreme halloween!
  50. Diana Will Be In The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
  51. The Temptations' at 20: Cast and Crew Look Back at Making the Classic Miniseries
  52. ross concert playlist
  53. Come See About Diana Ross and The Supremes
  54. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Former Supreme Scherrie Payne.
  55. Mother Dear clip question
  56. Mary Wilson Sings "Someday We'll Be Together" Nov. 2018
  57. Andy Skurow's Birthday
  58. Top Supremes Covers
  59. Supremes rehersal and Interview
  60. Merry Clayton talks about someday we’ll be together
  61. SD Pretends Producer Series: The Supremes vs Diana Ross
  62. SD Pretend Producer #2 - a revised 1969 album for DRATS
  63. "Queen" Diana Ross [[Nile Rodgers)
  64. Diana Ross Raises $780,000 for Canadian Music for Youth Program in Ottawa, Canada
  65. [Live!]Mary Wilson At Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA, US [NOV 10,2018]
  66. Mary Wilson - Interview on WFDU
  67. SD prented producer Last Time I Saw Him. Diana Ross
  68. Diana Ross Announces Brand New Day 2019 Tour
  69. ‘Love Child’: Blog Looks Back
  70. Diana Ross Question and Answer: November 9, 2018
  71. Tribute To The Supremes
  72. Diana Ross to Perform at NBC's Christmas in Rockefeller Center!
  73. Mary Wilson LIVE Onstage in Seattle!
  74. Mary Wilson on MSNBC Ari Melber show TONIGHT 11/16/18 before 7 PM
  75. Mary Wilson on MSNBC Ari Melber show TONIGHT 11/16/18 before 7 PM
  76. Royal Family Helps Supremes and Motown Become Sensations
  77. ross remixes???
  78. Flos Performance in UK this month
  79. Missing You Live - November 9 2018
  80. Unedited LP vs Edited Singles
  81. Could the Vandellas have been the Supremes?
  82. Page6: Get ready to see a lot of diana ross this holiday season
  83. “Supremes “ In NYC this week
  84. He Lives In You is added to the Concert Playlist
  85. Diana Ross Q & A November 17 2019 with Evan
  86. The Wiz' forever changed black culture
  87. Ross and Wilson on stage together last night in NYC.
  88. Mary Sells Out Entire Run At Café Carlyle
  89. Is "My Favorite Things" becoming a Christmas "staple" because of the Supremes album?
  90. I Hear A Symphony Japanese CD Question
  91. What Musicals
  92. The Sounds of the Supremes 2019 Tour Trailer
  93. Michelle Obama and Tracee Ellis Ross
  94. Happy 74th birthday to Jean Terrell
  95. Diana Ross Back To Las Vegas in February - New Show?
  96. Baby Don't Go - The Supremes
  97. Follow Ups - feast or flop
  98. No Matter what Sign - interesting timeline
  99. Diana Ross @ NBC's New Year's Eve Broadcast
  100. Mary Wilson's Son Loses Home in CA fire
  101. Mary Wilson Talks About Her Book, New Music and Motown [October 29, 1984]
  102. He's Done It Again! This Time "Baby Love"
  103. Mary Wilson - Talks about Motown, The Supremes & Civil Rights/Segregation
  104. Review: Very Special Season Rerelease
  105. Ask Any Girl...Possible Supreme #1?
  106. That Time the Supremes Opened For Judy Garland, Part 1 of 2
  107. That Time the Supremes Opened For Judy Garland, Part 2 of 2
  108. Ed and the Supremes
  109. Ain't No Mountain follow up
  110. Christmas, the Supremes, and TV
  111. Music Reviews of Years Gone By
  112. Berry Gordy and the Supremes on early television
  113. How many of you met Florence Ballard? [[Excluding Peter Benjaminson)
  114. The Supremes' Casual Wardrobe
  115. Diana Ross - Gettin' Ready For Love [[Single Mix)
  116. High Energy Single
  117. Mary’s new book: Supreme Glamour
  118. Meet The Supremes UK
  119. ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’: Blog Looks Back
  120. The Supremes & Diana Ross Limited Edition Series Of EPs In Disco Bags Europe 1999
  121. Diana's Central Park Concerts to get Global Theatrical Release
  122. Ode To The Supremes
  123. “Supreme Christmas EP”
  124. Cindy Birdsong turns 79 today
  125. Cindy Birdsong "God Gave the Song" + Interview
  126. Are the Supremes On "Purple Snowflakes"???
  127. Sparkling Diana [[2019 documentary) Trailer
  128. Mary Wilson Talks About Motown, Royalties and Detroit [ FOX 2 News - Interview 2018]
  129. My World is Empty Without You - fuTuRo re-fResh
  130. Scherrie, Susaye and Joyce Christmas music
  131. The Supremes & Jr. Walker & The AllStars - Come See About Me [[MottyMix)
  132. A Supreme Christmas Review
  133. 50 Years of "Love Child"!
  134. supreme/ ross remixs
  135. Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child cast as Diana Ross in BET American Soul Bio-Pic
  136. Mary Wilson Sings At the After Party of The AUDELCO Awards
  137. High Energy [[70s Greatest Hits and Rare Classics CASSETTE Version)
  138. Cleaner & Clearer: The Supremes' "STOP!" Video [[Filmed At An Arcade)
  139. Diana Ross - #3 Dance Club Play Artist of the Year
  140. Live vs Studio
  141. If DR Reunited with Ashford and Simpson
  142. UPDATE: CLEAN versions of High Energy and LYG from the 70sGHRC Cassette
  143. 'Where Did Our Love Go' 40th Anniversary Expanded edition...
  144. Diana Ross and Soul Train.
  145. 2018 Was a great year for Diana
  146. New Year Wish
  147. Gladys On Diana
  148. What if...Diana would have been a special guest on The Carol Burnett Show?
  149. What were the girls doing in January?
  150. Jean wows them
  151. Right on [[Expanded edition) - The Supremes
  152. Diana, Tracee, and 'Lady Sings The Blues'
  153. From 2008 - The Supremes at the V&A
  154. 'I Hear A Symphony - expanded' is the booklet available digitally?
  155. Tonight Mary Wilson@The Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood
  156. DR Every Day Is A New Day Vinyl-Kent Records-Bootleg?
  157. Kinda Motown related Jean and Jeanette
  158. The Supremes 'More Hits' is wonderful!
  159. Back by popular demand-Mary Wilson
  160. Supreme Reflections Appearing in Las Vegas
  161. A Recording Question - last & first.
  162. Love Child on Ed Sullivan question
  163. The Supremes - I'll Guess I'll Miss the Man
  164. Diana Ross in Augusta this weekend
  165. Supremes recordings in later 64
  166. 47 Years Ago.......Floy Joy Enters the Hot 100!
  167. Ross Reaps Rabid Raves
  168. Everybody’s Got The Right to Love live Central Park 1971
  169. Love Train/Oh Happy Day Apollo Theater 1972 live
  170. I'm A Bookworm Baby-spoof of The Supremes?
  171. I Hear a Symphony/The Supremes - fuTuRo re-fResh
  172. ‘Ain’t No Mountain High’: Blog Looks Back
  173. Diana Ross Tribute to Marvin Gaye
  174. Mary Wilson on "CBS News Sunday Morning" [[1/13/19)
  175. Jean Terrell in the FLOS
  176. Woman tells of singing with diana on stage as little girl, & again this weekend
  177. Carol Channing's Connection to the Supremes
  178. Grammy Salute to Motown's 60th Anniversary Set to Tape Feb. 12
  179. Interesting pic of Diana
  180. If You're Not Gonna Treat Me Right
  181. Contest idea for next year.....
  182. Looking like Flo.....to me.
  183. Diana Ross to New Orleans Jazz Festival May 4
  184. Was Florence going to come back to the Supremes?
  185. Scott Regan and the Supremes
  186. The Two Dorothy's Together
  187. Gigi Galon – My World Is Empty Without You [[1968)
  188. The Blossoms Cover the Supremes
  189. The Blossoms Cover the Supremes II
  190. Scherrie, Susaye and Joyce....Catalina Jazz Club Jan. 20th
  191. American Bandstand 1967 -New Year ’68 & Dance Contest- In & Out of Love, Diana Ross &
  192. Executive Producer: Berry Gordy
  193. tcb
  194. Best Uses of Diana Ross Songs in the Movies and on TV
  195. The Moment You Knew Diana Ross Was Destined For Solo Stardom
  196. My Favorite Things.....
  197. Diana & Marvin
  198. Bg & dr
  199. Someday We’ll Be Together
  200. Happy Love Theme from LSTB
  201. The Supremes - "Medley Of Hits"
  202. Quick video of Mary at Motown picnic Los Angeles 1974
  203. Scherrie Payne From Singer to Writer:Billboard
  204. Supremes hit medley video VH1. Classic
  205. 70's Supremes Jimmy Webb CD - Japan
  206. Diana Ross to Perform at 2019 Grammy Awards
  207. Spot...those....Andantes! [[THE ULTIMATE THREAD)
  208. Question about Bah Bah Bah
  209. Diana... 80's Film Roles
  210. Incredible Vocal by Miss Susaye Greene recently in LA
  211. Diana Ross sales up
  212. The Supremes Tribute & Live Albums.
  213. IN THEATERS MAR 26, MAR 28 Diana Ross: Her Life, Love and Legacy
  214. ross remixes???
  215. Diana Ross @ Super Bowl!
  216. Recycled Wardrobe
  217. The Supremes Sing Country Western & Pop
  218. Ross Robinson Wonder Headline Motown 60
  219. Chatting with diana ross about her vegas residency, her legacy and more
  220. Kaaren ragland
  221. New FLOS releases
  222. Dollface Records Presents: "Unconditional Love" Susaye, Scherrie, Joyce
  223. Supremes Poster on Ebay.....
  224. Mary Wilson - "Stoned Love" from Today!
  225. Mary:4 Night Return Gig @ Historic Egyptian Theatre in Park City Utah [[SLC BURB)
  226. 'Diana Ross - Queen of the Grammys'
  227. 'Diana Ross Steals The State at The Grammys'
  228. Diana Ross Among the Best Grammy Moments
  229. Diana Ross 'Fabulous' in USA Today Grammy Performance Ratings
  230. Celebrities reacting to Diana Ross' performance at the Grammys
  231. "New" Supremes: February 15/16, 1970
  232. Diana - Coming Soon in the UK
  233. Simulation #271 Susaye Greene - The Power of Music
  234. Jada Pinkett Smith Gushes Over Diana
  235. “For 1 night in 1965 the Supremes...
  236. Mary at Motown 60 and article about taping
  237. News article about the Supremes tour of South Africa 1975
  238. Mary Wilson Celebrates 60 Years in the Business!
  239. Mary Wilson........From 1993!
  240. Diana Ross to Appear At Red Rocks
  241. National enquirer reports that diana made demands before appearing on motown 60
  242. Diana Ross Coming to Tulsa in April
  243. For One Night in 1965, the Supremes Brought the Two Detroits Together
  244. ross top ten playlist
  245. Let yourself go single. What happened............
  246. Diana @ Wolf Trap, VA, June 27
  247. Diana Ross Returns to Radio City Music Hall !!
  248. Scherrie Payne - Talks About Touring with Glass House and Becoming A Supreme
  249. Diana Ross Announces 2019 Tour Dates
  250. Mary To Make THIRD Appearance @Egyptian Theatre in Park City