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  1. Welcome to the New SoulfulDetroit Forum
  2. Let's Fire it Up!
  3. Welcome to your new clubhouse
  4. Alright! Who else has made it?
  5. Avatars
  6. So, How's Everyone Liking This New SD Forum So Far?
  7. The Sharon Angle Comedy Show continues...
  8. The new SDF First Poll!
  9. Happy Birthday To Our 44th and Current President of the United States
  10. I tried to Insert a picture
  11. Heyyy what the sam hill is goin on here
  12. Why the move???????? Will someone tell me.
  13. How Do I make a Pol & Post Pics
  14. Word Association #15
  16. I Don't Like Change! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :-[[
  17. Like Obama Said "It's Time For A Change"
  19. I still can't figure out how to post pictures.
  20. Documentary on the Demise of the Independent Record Store
  21. This forum looks better
  22. Prop h8 overturned!!
  23. Welcome all new [[& old) members!
  24. reggae ringtones
  25. Sean Penn Craps All Over Wyclef Jean
  26. I "Refudiate" Sarah Palin
  27. Anyone From The UK Remember This TV Series
  28. Faux Chuck Berry....the end product....
  29. testing 123
  30. If you don't cry ......... please eat me!
  31. Subo again..
  32. Are You Ready For Some Football?
  33. "Ignore User"...can equal ignorance
  34. Lawrence Fishburne's daughter does porn
  35. Tiger Woods Struggling
  36. where do i find the old sdf stuff?
  37. The Black Church keeps Black women single?
  38. Temptations & Four Tops Live At Ravinia ! Dam It was Hot !
  39. Y Not forum
  40. Help needed!!!!
  41. Dr. Laura uses the N word multiple times in a very offensive rant.
  42. Dr. Laura: goes on racist rant
  43. The N Word
  44. A Message For Mr. Lowell
  45. Instant message chats
  46. Patti LaBelle joins cast of "Fela"
  47. There is SPAM in the clubhouse!
  48. Active user list question
  49. The Battle Of The Comedians Redd Foxx -vs- Richard Pryor Who Did You like Better
  50. Zsa Zsa Gabor Update
  51. I believe in love-barry white
  52. Antoine Dodson
  53. Bobby Thomson - R.I.P.
  54. Dr. Laura to End Radio Show at Year's End After 'N-Word' Controversy
  55. What is your experience with racism?
  56. California soul-the 5th dimension
  57. Now that's rare!!
  58. 2 Weeks Later, has your opinion changed
  59. Good ole days-ray,goodman,brown...lotta good lovin-the chi-lites
  60. One in five Americans think Obama is a Muslim
  61. Baseball Great Roger Clemons Indicted
  62. Fires in BC
  63. The more i see you-brook benton
  64. Rod Blagojevich
  65. Ron Paul: Left and the Right Demagogue Mosque, Islam
  66. Human stupidity about animals
  67. you tube download problems
  68. Dancin In The Street
  69. How Do I Upload My Picture?
  70. In honor of the egg recall
  71. after all the changes on here..........
  72. Let's just sing it and get away from each other
  73. What's Your Top Five Favorite Baxploitation Movies Of All Time
  74. Tiger and Elin's Divorce is final!
  75. Scare de tea baggers!
  76. A Question For All Of The Ladies, Would You Still Date Tiger Woods
  77. How in the world did this miss...?
  78. What enn thundar en tarnashun...????
  79. Killer joe-the manhattan transfer
  80. Anyone tell me anything about Laise Sanches?
  81. as for that big ass woman that threw the cat in the trash for
  82. Mississippi school tried to order racist rules for class president
  83. Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed
  84. Sky King......and his niece Penny
  85. Facebook ...MySpace ...Twitter ...is there any point
  86. Must read........The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party.
  87. Together Brothers... Barry White movie from 1974
  88. Zsa Zsa Gabor Dead Rumor May Be False
  89. What Are You Doing This Labor Day Weekend
  90. Hurricane Earl
  91. And All This Time They Thought He Was Muslim!
  92. A Speech for Endless War
  93. Sarah Palin - A very nasty piece of work and a bullshit artist.
  94. Ariz. Gov. Brewer: Sarah Palin and Sharon Angle rolled into one!
  95. American Graffiti vs. Cooley High
  96. to upload a picture,is there a size limit?
  97. "BEWITCHED"...Socially and Racially ahead of it's time!
  98. Hard core record collectors, I need your help
  99. To the Chi-town folks here: Our mayor is about to go somewhere & sit down :)
  100. Burning the Quran
  101. Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck to Host 9/11 Beer Bust in Alaska on Sat.
  102. Good Times -vs- The Jeffersons
  103. S-a-c-r-i-l-e-d-g-e.....aggghhh....!!!@
  104. Remembering 9-11
  105. The disco soul of jerry butler?
  106. The Cosby Show vs The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  107. Martin- vs - Living Single
  108. Ok kev-lo, let me try one out on you-batman [[tv series) vs superman [[tv series)!
  109. Martin
  110. Film/TV Biz in metro Detroit
  111. Andy Griffith, A Versitle Actor
  112. Sonny Eliot retires....to Enga-ringa-dinga-dine?
  113. Sister, Sister vs. The Tracy Morgan Show
  114. Any 60s/70s Doctor Who fans out there?
  115. Your Fav Top Of The Pops performance
  116. Blair for human rights award!!!!????
  117. Why Canadian Healthcare is Better
  118. Elvis 68 Comeback vs. Aloha Hawaii
  119. Buzzwords
  120. Martin-say you're sorry
  121. Finally. A political rally I want to attend.
  122. Let me into your world-the o'jays
  123. Robert Plant Calls R&B "Spook Music" on NBC's Today Show
  124. re: Electric Proms 2010
  125. Help needed: how do I insert audio clips?
  126. Healthcare: NO Child only Policies
  127. Condolences to SDF Member Iris Smith
  128. Mel&thensome
  129. Have MSN with bing?...
  130. Any Crimson Tide Fans on the board!
  131. Who Was Your Favorite Catwoman
  132. Aaarrggh ! The over-use of 'like' in conversations...
  133. Wow No mention of the DirtY Preacher Man Eddie Long
  134. Disposing of over 10,000 45's
  135. R.I.P. George Blanda [[1927-2010)
  136. [[ARTICLE) Study: Audio Recordings of US History Fading Fast
  137. Happiness togetherness-heatwave
  138. R.I.P. Tony Curtis
  139. MetLife, Prudential Profiting in US Soldier Death Benefit Scandal
  140. Grimm Fairy Tales for Hep Kids
  141. A total must read for those who cherish sanity!
  142. Tiger Wood's Family Disappointed
  143. David Beckham - A Celebrity That Really Didn't Do It?
  144. Rick Sanchez is no longer at CNN effective this afternoon
  145. "Network" is a brilliant movie!
  146. If you need a good LAUGH come on inside! LOL
  147. Paging Millivanilli [[sp?) re: Detroit Radio Reunion
  148. R.I.P. Stephen J. Cannell - Television Producer 1941- 2010
  149. Norman wisdom rip
  150. Whats Going On In Memphis ! Dam......I want my mama.....
  151. Happy Birthday to Fannie Lou Hamer
  152. The state of the music Indusrty - Janet Jackson has no contract
  153. Toni Braxton Bankrupt Again, May Owe $50 Million
  154. Motown Legends weekender
  155. To Catch A Bishop....Comedy Moment Eddie Long
  156. Esther Davis, Don's mother
  157. Who Likes Whales?
  158. Do You Believe....In Stephen Kings' Rock and Roll Heaven?
  159. Dynasty vs. Dallas
  160. good news for a change
  161. Was Bush A Better President Than Obama?
  162. The high price of song?
  163. Whoopi & Joy Walk Out on O'Reilly
  164. Barbara Billingsley RIP
  165. Tom Bosley Dies
  166. Movie Quotes
  167. Rent is too damn high!
  168. So near-little anthony & the imperials
  169. Juan Williams Fired for Saying Muslims Make Him Nervous
  170. Comics - Marvel vs. DC
  171. Bishop Brazier has passed away :[[
  172. Lord Help Us - More Bushes!
  173. That's how heartaches are made-baby washington
  174. Give me the key to your heart...your favorite song about...tipping out!!!!!!
  175. I found some 40 year old music "mix" tapes.......
  176. This year's celebrity apprentice promises to be GREAT with tons of classic artists.
  177. Ok nba fans-let's hear it..who's gonna win it all..who's in the playoffs who's not??
  178. Racist spelling bee -Not really but you will see it and laugh
  179. awwwwww Isnt this so cute...The king of the Jungle
  180. Bulwinkle Creater Dies
  181. Shake a tail feather, literally......
  182. Anna Nicole Boyfriend & Doctor Guilty in Drug Conspiracy
  183. SF Bay Area Radio Surveys, Airchecks
  184. Larry King Vs Oprah
  185. No favorites here
  186. Stewart and Colbert Rally
  187. Book Him Danno! RIP James Macarthur
  188. Denise Borino Quinn RIP
  189. Remembering MGM Leading Ladies...
  190. How Big is the Republican Wave Going to Be?
  191. RIP Maurice Lucas [[1952-2010)
  192. Bill Clinton is In Demand
  193. Best Marilyn Monroe performance?
  194. Pretty Bad: No African Americans in Next US Senate
  195. Peaches an herb...still around at all???
  196. Classic soul music's new audience-the young folk????
  197. Farewell Sparky Anderson
  198. Political Funny
  199. Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls
  200. Oprah's Show Today
  201. Chuck mangione- main squeeze
  202. Keith Olbermann suspended from MSNBC
  203. Actress Jill Clayburgh passes away at age 66.
  204. Tim Wise on recent tea-bagger success at the polls
  205. Joy Behar Has Another Outburst
  206. The five royales...any members still with us?
  207. The impressions-singinging the standards
  208. Fever-little willie john or bobby blue bland?
  209. Uptight:
  210. George Bush Honors Canada
  211. Hall Of Fame announcer Dave Niehaus passes.....
  212. Veterans Day
  213. This Is Why Many Lawyers Oppose the Death Penalty
  214. Scary Comments to President Obama from a Huge Supporter
  215. Wolf Blitzer and Doug E Fresh!
  216. Cam Newton
  217. You guys seen this postal video?
  218. Any movie music fans out there?
  219. Test Your Hunger IQ Feed a Child
  220. Funk upon a time...
  221. Death Of Common Sense
  222. This Is Creepy
  223. Another MSNBC Host Suspended
  224. So What's On The Menu For Thanksgiving
  225. John Tyner and the airport scan brouhaha
  226. The Uklele Orchestra Of Great Brtian strikes again.....
  227. The song census
  228. ...where's Richard Felstead?
  229. The annual winter "the weather's going to hell" thread.....
  230. Are Any of You Going to Opt for a Pat Down?
  231. Insurance Exec. Apologizes to Michael Moore
  232. Anniversary Of The First Jukebox!
  233. Ruby andrews live
  234. Palin - "We've got to stand by our NORTH Korean Allies."
  235. The Only Adult In The Room
  236. Does This Make Me a Pervert? :P
  237. Leslie Nielsen Dies at 84
  238. Wikileaks: Why Does This Happen & Why is it OK?
  239. Happy Birthday Paladin !
  240. I Hear A Symphony
  241. Hey,get outta my title...
  242. Frankie & Alice w/ Halle Berry
  243. End of Year 2010 Soul Poll
  244. Chicago Loses Ron Santo
  245. Warm your heart-the drifters
  246. A comprehensive anthology of ray,goodman,brown?
  247. Elizabeth Edwards RIP
  248. Did Obama Fold Like a Lawn Chair on the Tax Bill Compromise?....
  249. Jessica Simpson clothing line due to make 1 billion this year.
  250. 30 Years Ago Today, John Lennon was Assassinated