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  1. The Green Album
  2. Jon Stuart uncovers MSM fear of the best candidate POTUS
  3. Go see "The Help"
  4. R.I.P. Jack Layton 1950 - 2011
  5. Charges Against Strauss Kahn Dropped
  6. Let's talk about Hurricane Irene
  7. Eid Mubarak
  8. World's Most Liveable Cities in Canada and Australia
  9. DOMJUAN feat. FULVIO TOMAINO - Just Move [Goodymusic Production]
  10. Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend
  11. Shark attact............any personal stories?
  12. want some irony and a good laugh? Classic album review
  13. How close to a train track can you set up a vegetable market?
  14. Obama's address to the nation .....
  15. Go! Animate
  16. Where is bobbi humphey?
  17. Hey i know you!!
  18. Ken Kercheval Returning to Dallas
  19. Kara Kennedy - Daughter of Ted and Joan Kennedy died.
  20. What's on your list of the best R&B.Soul/Funk albums of the 70s?
  21. One of the Best Reasons Against the Death Penalty - Innocent Man to be Executed?
  22. I don't speak a lick of spanish ....
  23. Where do you get your records?
  24. Goooo Lions
  25. Activist, Fred Shuttlesworth passes away
  26. raf vulcan crash ravendale,detroit oct.1958.anyone here see it happen or aftermath?
  27. Cheech and Chong's new movie
  28. Steve Jobs, RIP
  29. R.I.P. Steve Jobs - Chairman, Apple Computer
  30. The Wasilla White Trash won't run !!!!
  31. Game 5 against the Yankees......
  32. The Occupy Wall Street Movement
  33. Happy Birthday, Grapevine
  34. RIP, Roger Williams
  35. doo-wop concert
  36. Time to pack it up and head back to Boston soon.
  37. Answer this 70
  38. Substance Abuse feat. Tash of Tha Alkaholiks Video "Don't Get Us Wrong" [[hip-hop)
  39. Republican debate on Oct 11,2011
  40. The motown star's are aligning again
  41. What about the Tigers. Will they pull it off?
  42. Fall In Canada
  43. Intro...what intro?
  44. What Color Is Your SDF?
  45. An obit that caught my eye.....
  46. soundexchange.com-THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY!
  47. SDF's Popularity
  48. Anyone watching Oprah's new cable channel
  49. Ralph and Smooth, Moss Landing today!
  50. Herman Cain
  51. Petition For The Sylvers Albums To Reissued On Cd!
  52. The Book: The Help
  53. What will you do if the labels end physical media?
  54. Nosey's Tale and I'm Sticking to It!
  55. The "Smile Sessions"....I need a favor....
  56. The Best Wedding Video I've Seen
  57. Matt Michaels, Detroit's classiest Pianoman/WSU Instructor has died
  58. If you want good fun, watch his video! Do not miss it!!!
  59. For those who might have missed this.......
  60. List Of Politically Correct Terms
  61. R.I.P. Matty Alou
  62. I'm signing up!
  63. Malcolm X
  64. Andy Rooney, Mainstay on ‘60 Minutes’, Dead at 92
  65. Former Heavy Weight Champ Joe Fraizer Serious Condition !!!
  66. Tom Keith passed last Sunday
  67. Octomom Vs Amy Fisher
  68. Bank Of Shamerica
  69. Poll Suggest Cain Allegations Mean Nothing To Majority Of Republicans
  70. Joe Frazier - R.I.P.
  71. Jennifer Hudson please dont lose more weight!
  72. Do I Look Like Diana Ross on this picture?
  73. The Thrilla In Manila
  74. What I took away from Wednsday night's debate.....
  75. The last 2 digit of your birth year + your age
  76. One Big Record Company!!! Universal Buys EMI
  77. Help!! I've lost a website.....
  78. here are some true stories.you cant make this stuff up
  79. Manson trash Tex Watson stays in prison.
  80. ‘Glee’ drops to season-low ratings
  81. A Mitch Ryder biography.....
  82. UK Abolishes £15 VAT Loophole
  83. R.I.P Walt Hazzard
  84. Ms Joys
  85. its the green thing.dont you wish we had it years ago?
  86. Some Dumb A$$ News Reporters
  87. happy thanksgiving day from the uk!
  88. Happy Thanksgiving
  89. Great album debuts
  90. Who is watching the Lions game?
  91. the best comeback of the year
  92. When did "Black Friday" become a common term?
  93. Time Conversation with Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
  94. Calling Stubass......
  95. Auburn sucks!!!!!!!!!!
  96. Every word is true
  97. A Controlled Avalanche at Whistler
  98. RIP, Alan Sues
  99. What you see may effect what you hear
  100. Here's another reason I do not go to church, or call myself a christian anymore.
  101. RIP, Harry Morgan
  102. Somebody Up There Likes Me
  103. Is it too early to post Christmas songs?
  104. I like discovering stuff on You Tube.....
  105. Oh what memories..........were you ever in a high school or college band?
  106. My e Christmas card
  107. Happy Holidays
  108. Another one bites the dust
  109. Howard Stern takes over Piers Morgan spot on America's Got Talent
  110. Detroit inspired music
  111. The Lions Are In The Playoffs!
  112. Merry XMAS
  113. All da very best
  114. Bass Players TAKE A LISTEN! My Favorite NEW Group [[w/Virtuoso Bassist Henrik Linder)
  115. Happy New Year !
  116. DPD Precincts to Close to the Public during Certain Hours
  117. Roll tide!!!!!!!
  118. A really dumb non soul question....
  119. What the hell was wrong with Warner Brothers not keeping Earth, Wind & Fire?
  120. Happy 70th Birthday to The Greatest.....Muhammad Ali!
  121. Newt Gingrich playing to racism in South Carolina
  122. Click on DetroitYES Forum at the top of the page.....
  123. Kodak Files For Bankruptcy
  124. Old Country Buffet files for bankruptcy.....
  125. Hostess Files for Bankruptcy - Twinkies & Wonder Bread
  126. BC Avalanche
  127. MEGAUPLOAD Shuts Down
  128. Pray For My Mom
  129. Duke Fakir on NPR
  130. Joe Paterno in SERIOUS Health Condition
  131. RIP Joe Paterno.
  132. I Wonder if anyone ever considers "politeness" before their "rights"
  133. Arizona Gov. disrespectful to Pres. Obama today in Phoenix
  134. Atlanta newspaper suggests assassinating the president.
  135. Rough Week...
  136. Why do people pick the nose in public
  137. Tennessee Tea Party group looking to whitewash history out of school textbooks
  138. and we wonder why Americans are so misinformed
  139. Help Us Stop the Sick Baby Facebook Hoax
  140. vinyl vs digital Steve Jobs listened to vinyl at home... because it sounded better
  141. Attention Moderator or Administrator - Posting Problem
  142. Ali's Legendary Trainer Angelo Dundee Dies at 90
  143. Angelo Dundee Passes at 90
  144. Ben Gazzara [[1930-2012) RIP
  145. Where is....
  146. Return to high fidelity
  147. The super bowl
  148. People born on February 6th
  149. Too late to turn back now-the chi-lites
  150. Major rant by Memphis DJ
  151. Anybody else geeked up for the new Avengers movie?
  152. Top Ten Facebook Scams to Avoid
  153. RIP Gary Carter- MLB Hall of Famer
  154. Americans feel love for Canada, Gallup survey finds
  155. The bridges of music's county
  156. Is Oprah desperate to get back on top?
  157. RIP Pierre Juneau [[1922-2012)
  158. Let's Stay Together in a Fays chip commercial
  159. R.I.P. Dick Anthony [["Pretty Tony") Williams
  160. RIP, Peter Breck
  161. HEY! I Just Hit the 10,000 Mark!
  162. While you guys are arguing with each other over your "divas", think about this:
  163. Keeping it all in perspective: a very humbling view of our place in the world
  164. Congrats to....
  165. Mitt Romney Has Won In Michigan........Barely!
  166. Sandra Fluke Versus Rush Limbaugh
  167. DetroitYes style changes coming here, too?
  168. It's all natural
  169. Rush Limbaugh Apologizes To Sandra Fluke For Calling Her A 'Slut'
  170. Ralph, I have a question for you......
  171. Google Gets Man Pissed
  172. A wonderful, sensitive, heartwarming new book about Rush Limbaugh
  173. Was Andrew Breitbart murdered?
  174. What's going to happen, Dave?.....Something Wonderful!
  175. Don't Cursh That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers.
  176. Email Chain Letters...and more!
  177. Can you help me find a couple of records ???
  178. Anyone Watching The NCAA Tourney?
  179. Racist murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Florida
  180. Anyone see the latest racist mess from the right-wing?
  181. Yeeeeehaaaaa-a motherload!
  182. here's a sight for sore eyes
  183. Two questions about the drifters
  184. 1983: What were YOU listening to that year?
  185. I'm PISSED at Facebook!! [[Plus a Couple of Other Minor Rants)
  186. Go All The Way - The Isley Brothers
  187. Question about a song
  188. JetBlue Pilot Freaks Out!
  189. Santorum's Freudian Slip
  190. Current TV fires Keith Olbermann
  191. Movie locations
  192. Unarmed Pasadena, CA Student Shot & Killed by Police
  193. Check out my photography website www.jcrossphoto.com
  194. Why Won't Sarah Palin Go Away ????
  195. Money, Money, Money….MONEY
  196. I GOT MY HOODIE ON - JUSTICE [[Official Hoodie Song)
  197. Detroit avoids state takeover threat, agrees to financial consent agreement
  198. R.I.P. Gil Noble of WABC-TV'S "LIKE IT IS"
  199. Happy easter to the soulful detroit forum family!
  200. Disgraceful Postcard
  201. British Record shop archive
  202. Rita Hayworth dancing to Stayin Alive
  203. Spike Lee Gives Out George Zimmerman's Address
  204. David murray and low class conspiracy
  205. Breaking news - zimmerman in custody!!!
  206. Mel Gibson is the worst! Warning: offensive language!
  207. "Let's Get It On" or"Sexual Healing" ???
  208. sad passing
  209. Secret Service Scandal
  210. What the.....? What Exactly is Ted Nugent's Problem?
  211. R.I.P. Dark Shadows star Jonathan Frid
  212. Listen up: Web users may lose their internet in July
  213. America's Next Top Model Fires Current Staff for Next Cycle
  214. Have you ever been suprised by what came out of a Muzak [[tm) system?
  215. Autopsy report: Don Cornelius was plagued by seisures before suicide
  216. Name some of your favorite STAX songs
  217. Slow jamming the news!!
  218. The President Has A Big Stick !!
  219. RIP George Lindsey aka "Goober Pyle" from Andy Griffith Show
  220. Britain goes Barking Mad ... :)
  221. How did you come to your political beliefs/Party preference?
  222. Charity Music A Local Non Profit Needs Some Help, Facebook Members Please Vote.
  223. What was your first impression of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson?
  224. Glen Campbell at Andiamos Last Night
  225. Recordings by Black singers backed by White musicians
  226. Anyone know who's singing here?
  227. Penelope Ashe....well, actually Mike McGrady.....has passed
  228. North Korean dissident talks of 20-year imprisonment
  229. Donald Trump LOVES Cher
  230. Obama, same sex marriage and the African American community
  231. Queen of Disco: Donna Summers has died.
  232. Any Paranormal Stuff Ever Happen To You
  233. A shoutout to chuck brown
  234. Anyone remember the old ABA American Basketball Association?
  235. George Zimmeramn: Bond Revoked! It's back to jail for George!
  236. Here's another "Stand Your Ground" case:
  237. Now presenting..on stage..on the porch..in the basement..in the backyard???
  238. The real american idols
  239. Richard Dawson- RIP
  240. What CD sets would you like to see released?
  241. Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets About Her N*ggas In Paris; World Gasps In Response
  242. US interest in UK Festivities
  243. The 70s
  244. Goodfella over and out...
  245. B.C Judge Rules Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal
  246. Happy Father's Day
  247. R.I.P. Rodney King
  248. Interracial dating and marriage
  249. Removing artists from your collection who have wildly differing or offensive views
  250. Overturn Citizens Untied - Pettition