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  1. The general Donald Chump discussion thread
  2. It's Votin' Time!
  3. America's Black Male Gay Population Have The Highest AIDS Rate On Earth
  4. Batman Has Died! Adam West Passes at 88
  5. Take away-the tams
  6. Fake News: An Interesting Article on WikiTribune
  7. New Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith
  8. Jury in Bill Cosby Trial Reports It Is Deadlocked!
  9. Minnesota Officer Acquitted in Killing of Philando Castile
  10. Happy Father's Day
  11. My first time
  12. Bill [['Jose Jimenez') Dana - Dead at 92
  13. Stephen [['Animal House'; 'St. Elsewhere') Furst - Dead at 63
  14. Gary deCarlo of Steam Passes Away
  15. We all need a smile these days!
  16. On my daddy's knee
  17. Help With Wedding Songs
  18. Happy Birthday George Solomon
  19. ‘True Blood’ Star Nelsan Ellis Dies at 39
  20. Broadway's New HELLO, DOLLY! - The "Auditions"
  21. Madonna Calls Whitney Houston "Mediocre" in Letter to Be Auctioned
  22. Martin Landau - Dead At 89
  23. George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77
  24. Ji-Tu Cumbuka, ‘Roots,’ ‘Brewster’s Millions’ actor, dead at 77
  25. Australian woman shot dead by police in Minneapolis
  26. If You Have an iPhone...
  27. The Great June Foray Passes Away
  28. And this is what good looks like
  29. Legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks
  30. Sam Shepard Dies
  31. Jeanne Moreau Dies
  32. Kidd Creole of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Charged with Murder
  33. Steppenwolf Founding Member Goldy McJohn RIP
  34. Ricky Dee
  35. Transferring old 78s to CD
  36. GODZILLA Is Dead!
  37. Cabaret Legend Barbara Cook Dies
  38. Glen Campbell has died
  39. Fentanyl bust uncovers "enough to kill half the population of NYC"
  40. Trumpy Dumpty
  41. Ty Hardin - Dead At 87
  42. Robert Yancy, Son of Natalie Cole and Marvin Yancy, Found Dead
  43. Joseph Bologna - Dead At 82
  44. Yvonne Elliman-Alexander Busted for Drugs
  45. Behind-the-scenes of THE WIZARD OF OZ - Interesting short subject - 22 mins.
  46. Comedy Legend and Civil Rights Giant Dick Gregory Passes Away
  47. Jerry Lewis, legendary comedian, dies at 91
  49. Comic actor Jay Thomas dead from cancer at 69
  50. GLAMOUR OF THE 'DOLLS': Designing--Casting--Catering--The Works! On Susann's "VALLEY"
  51. Actress Novella Nelson Dies
  52. 2 Documentaries Opening Soon: Film Critic PAULINE KAEL & Shoe Designer MANOLO BLAHNIK
  53. From 1990: SANDRA BERNHARD Channels DIANA ROSS. Very Brief Clip.
  54. Woman wins lottery, donates to the church & the pastor sues for more
  55. Mark LaMura Dies: 'All My Children' Star Was 68
  56. Veteran Actor Frank Vincent Dies at 78
  57. From 1982: Some Fun At The Oscars With BETTE MIDLER [[5+ mins.)
  58. Science News
  59. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan 1944 - 2017 RIP
  60. "Raging Bull" Jake LaMotta Has Died.
  61. Legendary NFLer and Actor Bernie Casey Dies
  62. The Recording Industry Today: Digital Revenue Accounts For 84% Of Sales
  63. " 'Cause UPTOWN FUNK Gonna Give It To Ya' " - With Old Movie Clips [[5 Mins.)
  64. World's Richest Woman Dies
  65. Scherrie Joyce and Susaye
  66. JACKIE WILSON: A Brief Look At His Career Difficulties And Last Days [[15 mins.)
  67. Trump and the NFL and Hurricane Maria
  68. Larry the Cable Guy-I Was Shocked!
  69. Hugh Hefner - Dead At 91
  70. “Let’s Make a Deal” Host Monty Hall Dies
  71. If this doesnt give us stricter gun control nothing will
  72. NBA Legend Connie Hawkins 1942 - 2017
  73. The Voice, Reincarnated
  74. From 1979: Jackie Moore/THIS TIME BABY [[Special Mix) & Soul Train Line
  75. Jimmy Beaumont of The Skyliners RIP
  76. Pence walks out of Football game in protest, Right!!!!
  77. Legendary Jazz Drummer Grady Tate Dies
  78. California Fires
  79. Trum to speak to an anti hate group on Friday
  80. Arr & Bee Where Are You??
  81. The Prodical Son Returns
  82. Gord Downie - Tragically Hip's Gord Downie dead at 53
  83. Jake Tapper throws major shade at Bully O'Reilly.
  84. Did sammy strain ever sing lead with the o'jays?
  85. Bloopers in the frankenstein films?
  86. From 1974: ARETHA FRANKLIN on "WHAT'S MY LINE"
  87. Actor Robert Guillaume Dies at 89
  88. Fats domino dead?
  89. Is there one?
  90. From 1972: FREDA PAYNE - LIVE! "YOU BROUGHT THE JOY" - At The Grammys
  91. I'd like to send this lady some flowers!
  92. Elvira to put on final performance on Halloween
  93. Major New Black American Author Jesmyn Ward on PBS Newshour
  94. America's First Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman
  95. Opens This Nov.: "WAIT FOR YOUR LAUGH" - Documentary on ROSE MARIE
  96. Remembrance Day
  97. GE Is No Longer Making Light Bulbs!
  98. I practically live in the UK says Martha
  99. David Cassidy In Critical Condition.
  100. Mel Tillis 1932 - 2017
  101. Cosby Show” actor Earle Hyman dies at 91
  102. Charles Manson is Dead
  103. Della Reese has passed away
  104. Vocalese Legend Jon Hendricks Passes Away at 96
  105. Matt Lauer?
  106. Jim Nabors aka "Gomer Pyle" Dead at 87
  107. High rates of suicide with Veterinarians....how no idea.
  108. Track ID
  109. GOP meeting
  110. One The Most Distrubing Police Murders Caught on Video.
  111. New Release from Patti Austin and James Morrison: ELLA AND LOUIS
  112. Doug Jones beat the Pedofile in Alabama.
  113. Now-tavis smiley?
  114. James earl jones 1968 interview on black women
  115. Keely Smith, Jazz and Pop Singer, Dies at 98
  116. Jazz Great Kevin Mahogany has Died
  117. A little Christmas song for Trump
  118. The face of the Republican party....indeed.
  119. Sportscasting icon Dick Enberg dead at 82
  120. Christmas at Midnight - Fantasia DC Concert
  121. Available To Rent--YouTube: MANOLO BLAHNIK: THE BOY WHO MADE SHOES FOR LIZARDS [[2017)
  122. Rose Marie - Dead at 94
  123. Trumps Merry Christmas BS
  124. Lady in blue-the moments
  125. Trump is now playing[i dare ya]with the other nutcase!!
  126. Jerry Van Dyke R.I.P.
  127. I'm new
  128. The only Shithole is the one youve turned 1600 Pennselvaynia Avenue into.
  129. Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries Dies Suddenly at 46
  130. Awww,the babies
  131. The tear jerking impressions
  132. Dorothy Malone - Dead at 92
  133. Legendary Jazz Musician Hugh Masekela Dies at 78
  134. Bradford Dillman - Dead at 87
  135. Emmy-Award Winning Actress Olivia Cole Dies at 75
  136. What Happens In COSTCO Doesn't Always Stay Just In COSTCO
  137. Steve Wynn, Owner of the Wynn Hotels & Sexual Misconduct
  138. Lena Horne Forever postage stamp
  139. Robert Wagner now a 'person of interest' in Natalie Wood death
  141. John Mahoney - Dead at 77
  142. Munich Air Disaster - 60th Anniversary
  143. ‘Black Panther’ Reviews Roar With 100 Percent Rotten Tomatoes Score!
  144. Actor Reg E. Cathey Dead at 59
  145. Was that the Real Jerry's Records?
  146. Legendary singer Vic Damone dies at age 89
  147. Help finding Song title to these lyrics.
  148. Marty Allen--of comedy team 'Allen & Rossi' - Dead at 95
  149. The Lady And The Tiger [[Caution: Photos may be objectionable to some readers.)
  150. Billy Graham R.I.P.
  151. Barbara Alston of The Crystals Dies at 74
  152. Nanette Fabray, Singer, Dancer and Comedienne, Dies at 97
  153. Answer this-97
  154. ‘M*A*S*H’ Actor David Ogden Stiers Passes at 75
  155. For generedd - New Personal Message For You
  156. RIP Russ Solomon of Tower Records
  157. MITZI GAYNOR Performs "Let Go" - From "Mitzi's 2nd Special" [[1969) - 5 mins.
  158. ‘Black Panther’ has crossed the $1 billion dollar mark at the box office
  159. Answer this-98
  160. FRANKIE LYMON: FALLEN ANGEL - By Jeff MacGregor - Smithsonian Magazine - Jan. 2018
  161. Renee Zellweger To Play Judy Garland In New Biopic
  162. Comedian Byron Allen Buys the Weather Channel for $300 Million
  163. Just stick to the format,arrrrrrrrrggggg!!
  164. Howard university students take over administration building
  165. Winnie Mandela R.I.P.
  166. Another March Madness in the Books
  167. From 1970: Eddie Holman/SINCE I DON'T HAVE YOU
  168. Teen Turns Down 25 year plea deal and gets 65 years
  169. Yvonne Staples of the Staples Singers dead at 80
  170. Legendary Choreographer/Director Donald McKayle Dies at 87
  171. WHEN WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT WORE A GO-GO SKIRT - By Marc Myers/Wall St. Journal/4-7-18
  172. Go ahead.....laugh!
  173. Thanks Stormy
  174. Bill Cosby Accuser Chloe Goins is a LIAR!
  175. Oscar-Winning Director Milos Forman Dies at 86
  176. these cops Ned to be fired and charged with civil rights abuse.
  177. 'Night Court' actor Harry Anderson dies at age 65
  178. Barbara Bush Has Died.
  179. WWE Hall Of Famer Bruno Sammartino Dies At 82
  180. Coward Trumpy avoids President Obama, Hillary and The Bush Family.
  181. A few questions about the forum culture
  182. Verne Troyer aka "Mini Me" in Austin Powers Deceased At 49!
  183. "Schoolhouse Rock" Writer and Producer Bob Dorough Dies at 94
  184. The Three Degrees
  185. Bill Cosby verdict: GUILTY!
  186. Pioneering Actress and Director Gertrude Jeannette Dies at 103
  187. Black American Economist Dambisa Moyo
  188. This is What Happens When You Defund School Music Programs.....
  189. "CATWALK" - The 1995 Documentary - Starring CHRISTY TURLINGTON - 91 Mins.
  190. Kanye West: Is This Guy Crazy as Hell?
  191. John "Jab'o" Starks, Drummer for James Brown, Dies at 79
  192. Detroit Mother Arrested And Sentenced For Protecting Her Daughter From Assailant
  194. Answer this-98
  195. Deaths 'Superman' actress Margot Kidder dead at age 69
  196. Acclaimed Author Tom Wolfe Dead at 88
  197. Made or makes-or maybe both?
  198. Reggie Lucas, Miles Davis Guitarist and Madonna Producer, Dead at 65
  199. Philip Roth, Novelist - Dead at 85
  200. Georgia Has Its First Black Governor Nominee
  201. Don the Con ain't meeting the Korean Dictator after kissing his butt the other day. L
  202. Clint[cheyenne]walker-dead at 90
  203. Trump-pets Diamond and Silk - Any Thoughts?
  204. Don't do it-you've been warned..!
  205. "Roseanne" Cancelled After Racist Twitter Rant
  206. "rosanne" tv show cancelled because of racist tweets from star
  207. Post your experiences with racism
  208. Please lower your volume...or......!
  209. Cybill Shepherd, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan Sing MOST GENTLEMEN DON'T LIKE LOVE
  210. Answer this 99
  211. So we not gon' talk about Anthony Bourdain? R.I.P.
  212. Anthony Bourdain of CNN's "Parts Unknown." dead at 61
  213. Trump might be the dumbest president ever. Might be? He is LOL
  214. Looks Like TRIPLE CROWN WINNER Says "No!" To White House Invitation
  215. For all U.S. natives only - A fun test!
  216. If you could slap three currently relevant musicians, who would they be?
  217. Any other writers on here?
  218. Kardashian for office!
  219. In Honor Of Gay Pride Week: SNL's "Just Friends Booty Shorts" Commercial [[2013)
  220. Trailer: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ANDRÉ [[2017) - Now In Release
  221. Princess Pence
  222. Just thinkin bout some folks
  223. The Reverand Dr. William Barber, Taking On djt
  224. Happy canada day!
  225. I’ll try something new background vocals only
  226. Ed Schultz, Former MSNBC Host, Dies at 64
  227. Tab Hunter passed
  228. Gary Moore R.I.P
  230. Jimmy walker talks of not having a relationship with other good times cast members
  231. The Wisdom of Pooh
  232. Facebook Removes 30 New Fake Russian Accounts Calculated To Stir Up Trouble In U.S.
  233. DIONNE WARWICK In Her Own Words - Wall Street Journal - Aug. 7, 2018
  234. Kofi Annan [[1938 – 2018)
  235. Live 1993: Aretha Franklin & Bonnie Raitt/[[Sweet Sweet Baby) SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE
  236. Robin Leach, ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ Host, Dies at 76
  237. John McCain, war hero and 'maverick' Republican, is dead at 81
  238. Neil Simon Passes at 91
  239. Answer this 100
  240. Dance Icon Arthur Mitchell Dies at 84
  241. Answer this 101
  242. Marty Balin passes
  243. Legendary Vocalist Charles Aznavour Passes at 94
  244. Kavanaugh is confirmed
  245. From there to there
  246. Bill Coors, iconic American brewer, dies at 102
  247. Celeste Yarnell, Star Trek Beauty Dies at 74
  248. Sorry we missed ya!!
  249. The good ol days-ray-goodman-brown
  250. Manchester UK - My town