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  1. 50 Dead in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.
  2. Here to help and heal.
  3. 'Alf' actor Michu Meszaros in a coma
  4. Oops wrong thread
  5. Sheriff: Remains of missing toddler found after gator attack at Disney hotel
  6. Happy dad's day...dads
  7. Get the violin outta jazz!
  8. The Brexit Votes Have it: The U.K. Is Leaving The E.U.
  9. Hurt-little anthony& the imperials
  10. Signed,sealed and delivered-james brown
  11. A sleepy lagoon-the platters
  12. Here We Go Again! An Unarmed Black Man Is Shot By Cop While Pinned Down
  13. Cop shoots Black man in cold blood during traffic stop, girlfriend streams video
  14. At Least Three Police Officers Killed in Dallas
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, Officer Nakia Jones of Cleveland..........
  16. Illinois police chief asks for calm after shooting
  17. Any Charter Members out there?
  18. Portes Ouvertes Nice
  19. Warriors great Nate Thurmond dies
  20. Atlanta cop is charged for shooting random Black man for absolutely NO reason
  21. Three Police Officers Killed and Several Wounded in Baton Rouge Shooting
  22. Times Square Records - Top 150 in Sales Listings
  23. My prediction: Fox News is Headed for Turmoil
  24. Love it
  25. Non-terrorist mass killing here in Munich last night
  26. Refugee kills woman and injures two in Germany
  27. Answer this-87
  28. Robb K's Detroit R&B/Soul Quiz # 10
  29. A third German terror attack
  30. Shootings at a Florida nigfhtclub
  31. St Etienne du Rouvray France
  32. Michelle Obama Electrifies Convention
  33. Freddie Gray case: Charges dropped against remaining officers
  34. Stroh’s beer returning to Detroit next month!
  35. The Difference between the US and Canada!
  36. The most unqualified presidenytial candidate EVER
  37. Mass Murderer Dylann Roof Attempts to Avoid the Death Penalty.....
  38. To hair or not to hair...!
  39. Dylann Roof Gets Behind Beat in Jail !
  40. George Zimmerman Gets Punched in the Face
  41. I made a mistake-the impressions
  42. Robb K's Detroit R&B/Soul Quiz # 11
  43. Girl blue-main ingredient
  44. Island in the sun-minnie riperton
  45. Got to get to know you-the moments
  46. "Judge Drops the QC-bomb on Vile Racist"
  47. Kenny Baker played R2-D2 in the "Star Wars" Movies Dead at 81
  48. Son of marion berry die sof drug overdose
  49. Hold on-the o'jays
  50. Since you've been gone-major lance
  51. The isley brothers
  52. Lonliness-jerry butler
  53. Say you look like......!
  54. Donald trump gets worse and worse
  55. This side of sunshine-roy ayers
  56. Five masterpieces-your personal alltime best...!
  57. People say-the dixie cups
  58. R.I.P. Gene Wilder (1933-2016)
  59. Ava Roberts 23 Year Old African-American Physician
  60. But it's alright-j.j.jackson...any stereo versions?
  61. Answer this-88
  62. Jerry Heller, controversial early manager of N.W.A, dies at 75
  63. A little help please
  64. Columbus police fatally shoot 13-year-old boy carrying BB gun
  65. Another unarmed Black man gets shot by cops...this time it's in Tulsa, OK
  66. Obama urges nations to open borders
  67. You go Bruce!
  68. Video released showing shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott
  69. “Do the Right Thing” star Bill Nunn dead at 62
  70. Police officer charged with fabricating story that black man shot her
  71. Golfing great Arnold Palmer dead at 87
  72. Shoot first...don't ask
  73. Baltimore man who called 911 for help is dead after being punched by police
  75. I want a refund...bad lp's!!
  76. Any thoughts on last night's debate
  77. No pity-jackie wilson
  78. Kenny Rogers Retires!
  79. Police shoot and kill unarmed black man in Southern California
  80. Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally- Funny Stuff Here!
  81. Oscar Brand passes
  82. Another man shot and killed by police - Flashpoint: Los Angeles
  83. LeBron goes with Hillary
  84. Mr Wendell - Detroit bass player (The Dramatics)
  85. Fox news' Bill O'Reilly & Co. are at it again...
  86. Anyone on the forum living in Florida?
  87. This conversation should stop EVERY woman from voting for Trump.
  88. Billy Bush of The Today Show will probably lose his gig now
  89. Carly Simon's new video for "You're So Vain"
  90. Don Ciccone of the Four Seasons (1946 - 2016)
  91. A sports question-woh do you like-nats-dodgers in game five?
  92. Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize in literature
  93. Good bye to Coronation Street's Hilda Ogden
  94. Any coasters still with us?
  95. Boo....!
  96. Without a doubt-major lance....his best okeh recording?
  97. Otis Williams sings For Your Love
  98. Donald Trump supporters - Think long and hard before you cast your vote
  99. Black Trump supporter escorted out of Trump Rally
  100. Your personal hall of fame!!!
  101. The cubs do it!!
  102. 2 Dance Routines Of Some Truly Great Dancing. You'll Love 'Em. Guaranteed.
  103. Yo... Moe
  104. The Gentrys' KEEP ON DANCING With A Few TV Favorites
  105. Hillary Clinton lost. Bernie Sanders could have won....
  106. Speaking of dreaming...
  107. Trump IMMEDIATELY Backpedals On Wall And More...
  108. We all need a smile in these trying times....Buster will help!
  109. Robert Vaughn aka "Napoleon Solo" Rest in Peace
  110. Mary Wilson in.......Speak
  111. Talk about getting a clue...
  112. Gwen Ifill 1955-2016 Rest in Peace
  113. A Distraction ...Supermoon with a call out to JUICE
  114. American's Ghost Towns
  115. Ralph Terrana
  116. Memorial to Beastie Boys Star Adam Yauch Defaced With Pro-Trump Swastikas
  117. Jean Terrell DVD => wanted
  118. Kevin Logan RIP
  119. Manipulating Deals, Quid Pro Quo... and the band played on
  120. The soulful violins
  121. Step Right Up.....Get Your Trump On!
  122. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.
  123. Florence Henderson aka "Mrs Brady" Dies at 82
  124. Funniest News Anchor Ever!
  125. Fidel Died
  126. Actor Ron Glass dies at age 71 (Barney Miller)
  127. A sad, sick joke.....indeed
  128. The Jury in Walter Scott Shooting Case Cannot Reach A Consensus!!!
  129. 'Green Hornet' Star Van Williams Dies at 82
  130. Barack Obama Says He ‘Absolutely’ Faced Racism In Office
  131. December 9, 1965.........
  132. Jacob Collier in Detroit one night at "El Club"
  133. Actor Alan Thicke dead at 69
  134. On this day — December 14, 1977
  135. Bob Krasnow, Elektra Records President R.I.P.
  136. Bernard Fox, Who Played Dr. Bombay on 'Bewitched,' Dies at 89
  137. Zsa Zsa Gabor dead at 99
  138. Venus-frankie avalon
  139. Your favorite christmas movies
  140. Diane Rehm,of NPR's 'The Diane Rehm Show' Signs Off!
  141. Carrie Fisher....RIP
  142. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...those campy sci fi flicks-terrible but we loved em!!
  143. You're falling in love-betty everett
  144. Debbie Reynolds Dies at 84
  145. "love don't live here any more" rose royce
  146. New member saying hello from Detroit
  147. Ed Stewpot Stewart Family Favourites radio show
  148. A body of work
  149. A spotlight,a mic and a song!
  150. Congratulations Traci Ellis Ross!
  151. I'm aware of love-the impressions
  152. Thank you, mr. President
  153. Buddy Greco (1926 - 2017)
  154. Late talk....!
  155. And I Am Telling You She's Not Going
  156. Ringling Bros. Circus Closing After More Than 100 Years!
  157. Sturgill Simpson - SNL
  158. Rip bishop eddie long
  159. WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka dead at 73
  160. RIP Eugene Cernan - last man to walk on the moon
  161. Lawd Love A Donald Duck
  162. Dick Gautier ("Get Smart"; "Bye Bye Birdie" (original stage production) Dead at 85.
  163. Nicodemo Scarfo, ex-Philadelphia mob boss, dies in prison
  164. Party ova here!!
  165. Jim brown for trump??
  166. Read....and be very afraid.
  167. Just remember this when Cheeto face complain about women marching today.
  168. My satin doll-the impressions
  169. Mary Tyler Moore RIP
  170. Honey love-the drifters
  171. Mike Connors ("Mannix") - Dead at 91
  172. Barbara Hale "Della Street" Dead at 94
  173. R.I.P. John Hurt
  174. She Made It Up!
  175. Ok,top this.....!
  176. Reach for the sky-those good ol western shoot em ups....
  177. 'Professor' Irwin Corey (Actor, Comedian, 'World's Foremost Authority') - Dead At 102
  178. RIP Al Jarreau
  179. Flynn has resigned and im sure Trump knew all about Russias phone call with Flynn,.
  180. Hey west,this one's for you
  181. Mike Ilitch -"King of Detroit" (Jul 20, 1929 - Feb 10, 2017)
  182. Historians rank Obama at No. 12 in survey of Greatest U.S. Presidents
  183. SNL - The RUSSELL STOVER Candy Commercial
  184. Witches of the World Will Cast a Mass Spell on President Trump on Friday night
  185. Bill Paxton 1955-2017 Age 61
  186. That's it right there!!
  187. Yikes! Kellyanne, make yourself at home, why don't 'cha, babe. Yikes!
  188. David Cassidy’s Final Concert: Star Gives Last Show After Ending Tour Due to Dementia
  189. President & First Lady Obama in Washington this past weekend
  190. The National Park Service Releases Photo Proof- Obama's Was Bigger
  191. How's This for Maximum Intensity?
  192. Lou Duva (1922 - 2017)
  193. Things Your Mom and Dad Said
  194. Dancing Kids Interrupt BBC Interview
  195. Hey clubhouse...anybody home????
  196. Chuck Berry - Dead at 90
  197. the great Chuck Berry has passenger at 90 may he RIP.
  198. Answer this 93
  199. Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers battling dementia
  200. If You Write A Song...Finish It!!
  201. Chuck Barris - 'Gong Show’ RIP
  202. Westminster Attack in London
  203. Lola Albright - Dead at 92
  204. Original aunt viv not happy about "fresh prince of bel air" reunion
  205. 'Shaft' as American Icon - WNYC audio piece
  206. Happy Birthday Doris Day! 95 Years Young.
  207. Great story of white child buying black doll
  208. Don Rickles - Dead at 90
  209. R.I.P. Laugh-In Star Chelsea Brown 1947-2017
  210. I don't know...................
  211. Cities Hit Hardest by Extreme Poverty
  212. Happy Easter Everyone!!
  213. DOG WANTS A KITTY: A Brief But Really Great (To Me) Video -1 min. 35 secs.
  214. 15 mins. of the movie THE IN CROWD (1988). Actors play 'The Contours.'
  215. RIP Erin Moran of "Happy Days" Fame
  216. Comedian J Anthony Brown quits Tom Joyner Morning Show and joins Steve Harvey
  217. Detroit pistons legend isiah thomas' son discusses rape as a youngster
  218. Thank you, thank you, thank you Harry Weinger
  219. Now That A' Go-Go Exp. Ed. Is Out, Can We Get Back To What Went Wrong With RTL 2000?
  220. Yes, The Supremes A' Go-Go CDs Are Here. But Wait! There's More: Accessories!
  221. Trailer to the 1967 riots in detroit movie
  222. A slight resemblance??
  223. What Book[s] Are You Currently Reading?
  224. Police Chief Changes Account in Shooting Death Of 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards
  225. Ex-officer Michael Slager pleads guilty in shooting death of Walter Scott
  226. "SWEET SOUL MUSIC" with . . . The NICHOLAS BROS.!
  227. Actor Michael Parks - Dead at 77
  228. Spend some time with PAM GRIER
  229. Monique goes off on lee daniels , tyler perry & oprah winfrey
  230. Roger Ailes, former president of Fox News, dead at 77
  231. Jury Acquits Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby in Shooting Death of Terence Crutcher
  232. Say,aren't you kin to...?
  233. 2 Fun Minutes of MAD MEN's Jon Hamm & January Jones. Jon Hamm Is Terrific Here!
  234. Your trusting heart-the trammps
  235. Them birds is crazy
  236. Actress Dina Merrill - Dead at 93
  237. Roger Moore of "James Bond" fame Dead at 89
  238. Manchester bombing - 22 Dead, over 100 injured
  239. Jerry's Records - Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh, PA) in the news today
  240. Umm,ok let me see....!
  241. I voted and it happened...............
  242. Ronnie McNeir Street
  243. Do the artistics still perform?
  244. Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69
  245. Where are you-bobby hebb
  246. This thread about audiophiles is only for the curious
  247. But i have most of these already..!
  248. Soulful Shack no. 138
  249. Another attack at London Bridge
  250. How come linda carter doesn't have a cameo in wonder woman??